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19 Haunted Ghost Town Postcards ( Helpful Illustrated Guide) w/ Prices

Ghost TownsProsperous YearsVideosSold Prices Hi / LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to 4 Million Postcards
Ghost Towns in US - 3,800$ 4.35$ 255.00 / .161,682Ghost Town Postcards in US
Calico California1881 / Silver Mining TownVideo$ 24.95 / .35401Calico California Postcards
Rhyolite, Nevada1904 / Gold Mining CampVideo$ 1,000 / 1.3564Rhyolite, Nevada Postcards
Goldfield, Arizona1897 / Gold MinesVideo$ 5.24 / .253Goldfield, Arizona Postcards
St. Elmo, Colorado1880 / Gold-Silver MinesVideo$ 9.95 / 6.189St. Elmo, Colorado Postcards
Terlingua, Texas1880 / Mercury Mine
Video$ 9.95 / 1.2511Terlingua, Texas Postcards
Colorado City Nevada1861 - Stamp Mill
$ 59.88 / 1.252,574Virginia City Postcards
Nevada City, Montana1880 - Richest Gold StrikeVideo$ 9.99 / 8.0048Nevada City, Montana Postcards
Bodie, California1876 - Gold MiningVideo$ 11.99 / 1.7569Bodie, California Postcards
Kennecott, Alaska1900 - Copper MinesVideo$ 21.501Kennecott, Alaska Postcards
Bannack, Montana1862 - Gold MineVideo$ 12.99 / .5019Bannack, Montana Postcards
South Pass City, Wyoming1850 - Gold MinesVideo$ 5.99 / .9913South Pass City, Wyoming Postcards
Centralia, Pennsylvania1980 - 1990
Coal Mine Fire
Video$ 22.00 / 4.894Centralia, PennsylvaniaPostcards
Pripyat, Ukraine1970 - Chernobyl Nuclear AccidentVideo020Pripyat, Ukraine Postcards
Oradour-sur-Glane, France1944 - Town, women, children Murdered by German SSVideo$ 39.99 / .9415Oradour-sur-Glane, France Postcards
Hashima Island, Japan1887 - Coal MineVideo$ 24.89 / .999Hashima Island, Japan Postcards
Jerome Junction Arizona1894 - CopperVideo$ 107.17 / .35290Jerome Arizona Postcards
Calico Barstow California1881 - Silver MineVideo$ 7.99 / .7377Calico Barstow Postcards
Boot Hill Dodge City Kansas1886 - Believed to hold over 300 gravesVideo$ 10.12 / .21498Boothill Postcards
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