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Darlene’s Old  Postcards is no Ordinary Postcard Shoppe.  We’re an Online Postcard  Store. We carry 13,378 Scarce Postcards ( Adding New Daily), 595 Categories Easy Locating, magnification for your inspection, Discount Prices,  Immediate Free Shipping to your home State, carefully Protectively wrapped, Please check stock, many of our Gems, we have only one.

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Cultural Dance Postcards ( Helpful Illustrated Guide) w/ Prices

Cultural DanceCountryVideosSold Prices Hi / LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to 4 Million Postcards
The Charleston
Charleston South CarolinaVideo$ 22.75 / 4.8818Charleston Dance Postcards
Tap DanceAmericanVideo4 4.49 / 1.499Tap Dance Postcards
Lindy hopAmericanVideo0Lindy hop Dance Postcards
JitterbugAfrican AmericanVideo$ 3.996Jitterbug Dance Postcards
TwistAmericanVideo$13.111Twist Dance Postcards
Jazz DanceAmericanVideo$ 4.49 / 1.4910Jazz Dance Postcards
Hip HopAfrican Americans
Latino Americans
Video1Hip Hop Dance Postcards
Hoop DanceNative American IndianVideo$ .2529Hoop Dance Postcards
Sun DanceNative American IndianVideo$ 41.00 / 1.75195Sun Dance Postcards
Grass DanceNative American IndianVideo$ 72.90 / 2.6120Grass Dance Postcards
Ghost DanceNative American IndianVideo$ 19.0017Ghost Dance Postcards
FlamencoSpainVideo$ 3.27 / @.6246Flamenco Dance Postcards
CanCanFranceVideo$ 12.00 / 5.3351Can Can Dance Postcards
Belly DancingArabiaVideo$ 27.00 / 3.7919Belly Dancing Postcards
PolkaCzechVideo$ 9.9511Polka Dance Postcards
Cultural Dance Vintage Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth
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