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At Darlene’s Vintage Postcards we are a husband and wife team with a passion for vintage and rare postcards. Our mission is to provide a safe and secure online store connecting Old Vintage Postcards with Collectors.

We ourselves collect and admire, and every-time get excited when we hold a vintage postcard, especially the ones we haven’t seen before. Basically, we share our passion, we make available one of the largest collection of quality vintage postcards we believe you’ll appreciate as well.

At the end of the day, we feel glad that our range of postcards is also appreciated by collectors and admirers alike.

Basically, who we are (this we hope includes you as well) are “admirers  and collectors of vintage postcards”

We Have Two Stores they have no duplicate cards.

Darlene’s Old Postcards

Darlene’s Vintage Postcards

For Years we shared our Postcards on eBay, but as of May 19 we moved them to our New Online Stores

Darlene’s Vintage Postcards – eBay



Owner of Darlene's Old Postcards
Missionary – Mother – Grandmother
God Bless Darlene & Greg


Our Family

Check out Our Mission Website

We have been doing Mission work all our lives, Helping establish churches and help Children in the countries of Ghana, West Africa, and Guyana, South America.

In Guyana, we began a youth camp in Called Guyana Christian Youth Camp

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Guyana Christian Youth Camp


Our Mission Facebook Page – Friends of Guyana

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Our Team Mission Team in 2017


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Darlene Teach at Church VBS in Linden Guyana
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Darlene with one of our Local Brothers in Coomacka , Linden, Guyana
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Darlene sharing with some of the Ladies in Coomacka
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Darlene and Greg in Coomacka


At Our Local Church, Darlene and are Serving in  Children’s Ministry

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