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History Old Canadian Postcards w / Prices

Canadian Postcard Periods Visualization

Over the years we have noticed that we have many Postcard Collectors in Canada.  So we were curious about  Postcard History from Canada.  Looking at it from a distance it is similar to the Postcard System we go by in the US, but there are some differences.  This will look at Canadian Postcard from their viewpoint.   So we thought we would do some research.  Be Glad to Share – Darlene

Canadian Postcard History Started in 1869.  In Canada the first postcard showed up in 1871, it was from the Canadian government.  In Canadian Postcards History it is Divided into 7 Categories.


Canada City Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth

Canadaian Cities PostcardsProvidenceAverage $$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million
Toronto Canada PostcardsOntario$ 4.00$ 99.93 / .427,309Postcards
Montreal Canada PostcardsQuebec$ 9.99$ 268.19 / .9910,104Postcards
Vancouver Canada PostcardsBritish Columbia$ 9.31$ 139.95 / .995,295Postcards
Calgary Canada PostcardsAlberta$ 6.61$ 57.83 / .991,180Postcards
Edmonton Canada PostcardsAlberta$ 3.00$ 194.99 / .99812Postcards
Ottawa Canada PostcardsGatineau - Ontario$ 9.76$ 200.00 / 1.852,909Postcards
Winnipeg Canada PostcardsManitoba$ 8.00$ 182.50 / .992,402Postcards
Quebec City Canada PostcardsQuebec$ 4.93$ 24.95 / .25958Postcards
Hamilton Canada PostcardsOntario$ 9.99$ 125.69 / .994575Postcards
Kitchener-Waterloo Canada PostcardsOntario$ 3.99$ 105.98 / .993,122Postcards
London Canada PostcardsOntario$ 3.98$ 21.58 / .99687Postcards
Victoria Canada PostcardsBritish Columbia$ 19.50$ 1,299.99 / 3.0813,001Postcards
Oshawa Canada PostcardsOntario$ 4.00$ 24.79 / 1.09139Postcards
Windsor Canada PostcardsOntario$ 5.99$ 827.97 / .253,929Postcards
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Canadian Postcard Periods Visualization
Canadian Postcard Periods Visualization

Seven Postcard Periods

  • Period 1 (1871 – 1899)

  • Period 2 (1900 – 1914)

  • Period 3 (1914 – 1918)

  • Period 4 (1918 – 1939)

  • Period 5 ( 1939 – 1945)

  • Period 6 ( 1945 – 1969)

  •  Period 7 ( 1969 – Present)

Description of These Divisions


  • Period 1 (1871 – 1899)

. Early Canadian Postcards from this time generally was free from Advertising.  They did not include Pictures also.  As Business spots opportunities it was not long until the business community sought to change this.  In 1895 Laws were passed that allowed businesses to Ads and Pictures to promote their businesses.  Al sorts of Companies, Factories, Gardens, Hotels, began advertising on them.  This time in the History of Canada’s postcards was called “Pioneer Cards of Canada”  Couple of the major publisher of ” Boer War  Cards” published by Toronto Lithographing Company, and the JC Wilson Company of Montreal Canada.

  • Period 2 (1900 – 1914)

This time period is also referred to as ” The Golden Age ” of Canada’s Postcard History.  Mailing of Postcards was very cheap 1 cent – and there was a great surge in demand.  Most of the printing was done in England and Germany.  Cards of every kind and type flooded into the Mail System.  Every Town, Every Post Office, School, Train Stations became the object of many local Cards.  Patriotism ran strong throughout the country.  many Postcards represented that Spirit.

With the coming of the Great War. Demand and Printing waned and postcard production and use tapered off.

  • Period 3 (1914 – 1918)

The First World War began July 28th 9014 – Nov 11th 11918.  Thousands of Canadians Joined the war effort when it first began.  Although Canada did not officially become obligated until England Declared War.  Canada was still a part of the British Empire then.  It was a very difficult war – technology had increased, Trench warfare was fierce and brutal.  Postcards of men in uniform, training camps, soldiers and troops.  because of the war patriotism was a major theme, and soldiers sent many postcards back to loved ones and families.  Pictures of the Canadian Flag, coat of Arms, Maple leaves, all Canadian emblems were printed on cards.  Many of the cards were coming from Europe, which had upped production for political information reasons.

  • Period 4 (1918 – 1939)

This was a quiet time for postcards between the two World Wars.    Europe saw an “Art Deco Movement” that did not take place in Canada.  Soldiers were returning home, the spirit of Patriasm that had been the major topic now switched to Cities, Towns, Mountain Views and Lakes.  The quality of postcards declined during this period.  materials, Inks, Printing process ware inferior from before.  This saw the rise of the Linen Postcard.   They were produced in great quantities from 1931 – 1959,  They were produced from cheaper card stock that had high rag content.  The face of the postcards have a textured rougher feel.  By the 1920s the inks became brighter and more vibrant.  In 1930 the Canadian Post Office created a series of  Reddish – brown postcards.

Canada between the Two World Wars - History of Canadian Postcards
Canada between the Two World Wars – History of Canadian Postcards


  • Period 5 ( 1939 – 1945)

War had broken out again.  Sept 1st, 1939 – Sept 2nd, 1945.   Propaganda Postcards were again heavily printed, by both the Allies and Germany coming from Europe.   A few of the War Postcards were also printed in Canada.  Throughout Canada, Billboards, Posters and Postcards carried Messages – Join the Army – Join the Airforce to encourage enlistment for the war effort.  Military Sets started to appear showing battalions, showing military airplanes of the war effort.  Most had patriotic flavor.

Canada's Involvement in WW2 - History of Canada Postcards
Canada’s Involvement in WW2 – History of Canada Postcards
  • Period 6 ( 1945 – 1969)

Postcard interest slowed down greatly at this time.  Most of the Postcards of this time was centered on Tourism.


  •  Period 7 ( 1969 – Present)

1969 Represented 100 years of Postcards in Canada.   Going forward from here there was a renewed interest in sending and collecting.  Coming from Europe many cards emphasizing the 100-year mark were produced.  Postcard Clubs began on both continents North America and Europe.  With interest coming back the value of postcards skyrocketed.  The older and Rarer ones being taken off the market into private collectors albums.   The First Major Canadian Postcard club was the Toronto Postcard club founded in 1977.  It is Still Active Today with Toronto Postcard Club is a non-profit association of over 250 dedicated deltiologists.  

More Clubs Sprang up in Halifax, Vancouver, St Johns, Newfoundland.  In 1971 the Canadian Postal Service began printing “Official Picture Postcards”.  They had the stamps imprinted on them, they were very high quality and it created a large demand for them. Today Postcard Collecting is going strong in Canada.  As we mentioned in the first part of the article, we ship many postcards to collectors in Canada.


Old Postcards Canadian of History

DateEventsDescriptionNumber of PostcardsEbay Postcards Link
1910Royal Canadian Navy PostcardsEstablished14Postcards
1914Canada enters WWI PostcardsBegins Fighting254Postcards
1918Canadian Air Force PostcardsEstablished26Postcards
1920Canada enters League of Nations PostcardsEntrance1Postcards
1929Great Depression PostcardsBegins in Canada4Postcards
1939Canada enters WWII PostcardsBrgins Fighting121Postcards
1945Canada Joins United Nations PostcardsAccepted25Postcards
1967Expo 67 in Montreal PostcardsFirts Expo in Canada610Postcards
1982Canada Independence from Great Britain PostcardsIndependence Granted2Postcards

Major categories of Canadian Postcards that are Unique to Canada

  • Padpost

Thes were also called Postals.  Their time was from 1898 – 1910.  It was very popular at that time to advertise on the Stamp side, which was imprinted from the postal service.  They advertized buildings and products and were very brightly colored.  The have been highly sought after and are harder to find.  All types of companies used them – Bain Wagon Co, Coleman Salt Works, Peter Hay Knife Co,, Welland Vale MFG Co.  Krug Brothers Furniture Co.  to name some.

  • Pikposts

After 1895 when companies began printing their ads on the Stamp side, the other side was used for accounting info – social announcement – Few Examples – Gray’s Delivery Wagon, Shirreff Manufacturing Company, Wire and Cable Service.

  • Yukon

The Gold Rush began in 1896, Scenic views began showing up by 1904.  When they did show many portrayed the life and work of Prospectors, digging and panning for Gold.  In July 1897 to Dec 1989,  Thousands of men and women journeyed into the far north in Search of Gold They were named “the Stampeders”

“The Klondike Gold Rush tells the legendary story of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush. Over 100,000 people voyage to the far North intent on reaching the Canadian boom-town Dawson City and striking it rich. Historians and authors bring insight and perspective to the event that changed the lives of thousands. Present-day characters reveal that the frontier spirit is still alive in the Klondike. – PBS”

Yukon God Rush - History of Candian Postcards
Yukon Gold Rush – History of Candian Postcards


  • Artic in Canada

Early Postcards showed Labrador of Missionaries carrying Christianity to the Local Fisherman.  First Mission was in Hopedale in 1752.  It came to an end in 1771.  The British were encouraging the expansion of Missions with grants to the localities of Hebron, Ramak, Makkovik, Cape Chidley.  They were plagued with sickness.  A Hospital Ship – later named for Captain Grenfell, Grenfell Mission he went in his Hospital ship to Goose Bay and Happy Valley.

  • Artist

There are Many Canadian Artist that Produced Postcards – Some of the Famous Names are list – but there are many

    • Arbuckle

    • Bell

    • Bennet

    • Brooks

    • Caron

    • Cuvelier

    • Cimon

    • De Garthe

    • Dingle

    • Flower

    • Innes

    • Morris

    • Russell

    • Simpson

    • Skuce

    • Stapleton

  • Aviation

  • Disasters

  • Exhibitions

  • Exhibitions are always very Popular showing old buildings  and foreign exhibits – some of the popular are

    • Aylmer Fair – 1899

    • Winnepeg Ex 1900

    • Regina Fair – 1911

    • Canada now – 1901

    • Saskatoon – 1958

    • Games – 1981

    • Alaska Yukon Expo – 1909

    • Panama Pacific – 1916

    • Glass

  • Indians

Indian postcards have always been very popular showing Native Indian and Eskimo  Populations in Canada.

    • Morey Beaver Family

    • Grenfell Mission

    • Indians of British Columbia

    • Stoney Indians

    • Indians near New Westminster

    • Linge Indians on Lakes Canoes

    • Chief Poking Fire

    • Warwick Chief

  • Heraldic

This is a new Aera I encountered about these Patriotic Cards They were of Coats of Arms, Local Flags, City Flags, City Motto’s,   Big Publishers that produced a lot of these were WG MacFarlane of Toronto.


Canadian Postcard Artist

ArtistDateCountryNumber of PostcardsEbay Link Over 4 Million Postcards
Allard, Michele Postcards1990 - 2008Mattawa55Postcards
Annabelle Postcards1940 - 1950Huntsville38Postcards
Arthur Lane Postcards1950'sToronto15Postcards
Asch Postcards1950'sTemagami16Postcards
Bamforth, T. H. Postcards1901 - 1903North Bay2685Postcards
Barrett, Richard Postcards1897 - 1925Powassan and Trout Creek202Postcards
Berg, Morgan Postcards1924North Bay948Postcards
Bernard, J. H. Postcards1938Sturgeon Falls1,580Postcards
Bickmore Postcards1904 - 1918Bacebridge6Postcards
Bond, Chuck Postcards1970New Liskeard.1,300Postcards
Brooks, R. J. Postcards1897 - 1900North Bay4,431Postcards
Burke, Perry Postcards1980'sMattawa600Postcards


Pair of Moose in British Columbia
Pair of Moose in British Columbia


History Old Canadian Postcards w / Prices 1

Canadian Mounties

History Old Canadian Postcards w / Prices 2


History Old Canadian Postcards w / Prices 3Ancient Gate


History Old Canadian Postcards w / Prices 4

Maple Production



History Old Canadian Postcards w / Prices 5

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