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Old Postcards Ireland Helpful Guide W Pricing

Old postcards from ireland

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Here are the Most Popular Postcard Subjects, Locations, Castles, cities for Postcard Collectors in the Country of Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher

Located on the West Coast of Ireland.  They were the home of a Fort in Ancient times.  The Name Means “ Mothar” in Galic – Ruin of a fort.  They are about 5 miles long and about 700 feet high.  Many Tourist visit each Year to climb and then take in the Breathtaking View.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Now it is a museum but at one time was the former prison for Kilmainham Ireland.

  • Built-in 1796 by the Grand jury of Dublin

  • Operated as a Prison until 1924 – it kept Men, Women, and Children and also Political Prisoners – restoration began in 1960

  • Movies that were Filmed there – The Italian Job – The Quare Fellow – The Face of Fu Manchu

  • James Conolly died there by Firing Squad

The Ring of Kerry

  • Tallest Mountain in Ireland to be Scaled

  • Takes 4 hours to drive around by Car

  • Torc waterfall

  • Malls Gap

  • Skellig Islands

  • Sneem

Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

  • Bell Towers a place of Refuge and hidings in fir Monks.

  • Lookout Post

  • Alarm Tower

  • Founded by Saint Kevin 1825 – 1957


The Rock of Cashel

  • Cashel of the kings

  • Legend is that Saint Patrick banned Satan fro the cave.

  • Queen Elizabeth II visited in 2011

  • Castle of the kings of Munster

  • Also Known as St Patricks Rock

Blarney Castle and the Blarney Stone

  • Blarney Stones Powers legend says come from a witch

  • Kissing it gives you the Gift of Gab

  • Also, Witches Kitchen and Kissing Steps are here

  • Original Castle dates as early as 1200, then built upon by MacCarthy of Muskerry Family

  • Attacked during the Confederate wars in 1696

  • Tourist Attraction now

Old Postcards of ireland Blarney castle
Old Postcards of ireland Blarney castle

Kinsale, Co. Cork

  • Know for its attractive shops and historic shopping

  • Age is back to its original charter in 1333

  • Location of the battle of Kinsale in 1601

  • By the River Bandon

Bunratty Castle

  • Irelands Most complete standing Castle

  • 3 floors, 2 Towers, 1 Great Hall

  • Built-in 1250 by Robert Muskcegros – then built into the stone castle by Thomas De Clare

  • It is open to public for Tours and medieval Banquets


Dunluce Castle

  • Ruined Castle Currently

  • Earl of Ulster/ McQuillan family helped expand and build the castle in 1513

  • Famous Chiefton Warrior – Sorley Boy McDonald.

  • Originally was an earlier Fort Site of Vikings

  • 1584 a ship from Spanish Armada crashed on Rocks – they too the goods and installed its cannon in the castle.

  • Abandoned in 1690 at the Battle of Boyne

Ross Castle

  • Built-in the early 1500s by Donahue Family

  • Last to surrender in the Confederate Wars

  • Attacked by 4000 Footmen and 200 Horses

  • Only Fell as they brought in Artillery via the River Laune

Dunguaire Castle

  • Built-in 1520 by Martins of Galway

  • The name comes from Dun King of Guaire

  • Open to Public

Cahir Castle

  • Built-in 1142 by Cannon O Brien

  • Given to James Butler in 1375

  • Captured by Earl of Sussex after 3-day siege in 1599

  • Used as battle Scene for Movie “Excalibur”

Buy Postcard Castle Carrigglas Manor Longford Ireland
Buy Postcard Castle Carrigglas Manor Longford Ireland

Malahide Castle

  • Built-in 1185 by Richard Talbot, and had acreage of 260 acres

  • Where Miles Corbet was Hanged

  • During WWI it was used to Moor Giant Airships

  • Now owned by the Irish State

Minard Castle

  • Built-in 1800s

  • House Reconstructed in 1842

  • The 1940s used as a Hotel

Old Vintage Ireland Castles Postcard Helpful Guide W Pricing

Ireland Castles Video$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million Cards
Rock of CashelVideo$ 6.23 / 1.2935Rock of Cashel Postcards
Blarney castleVideo$ 5.37 / .99254Blarney castle Postcards
Kinsale castleVideo$ 17.86 / .990Kinsale castle Postcards
Burratty castleVideo$ 15.50 / .6821Burratty castle Postcards
Dunluce castleVideo$ 3.99 / 1.2932Dunluce castle Postcards
Ross castleVideo$ 7.00 / .25138Ross castle Postcards
Dunguaire CastleVideo01Dunguaire Castle Postcards
Cahir CastleVideo02Cahir Castle Postcards
Malahyde castleVideo00Malahyde castle Postcards
Minard castleVideo00Minard castle Postcards
Cliffs of MoherVideo$ 7.00 / .2128Cliffs of Moher Postcards
Old Vintage Ireland Castles Postcard Helpful Guide W Pricing
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Cities of interest for Postcards Collectors


  • The city is church capital of Ireland for 1500 years

  • The seat of archbishops of Armagh

  • The seat of Primates for All Ireland for Roman Catholic Church and also the Church of Ireland

  • Two famous Cathedrals – Saint Patrick cathedrals

  • Known as Orchard County – because of the Great number of orchards

  • Was earlier used as Capital of Ulster

  • Raided by Vikings in 839

  • Book of Armagh came from the Monastery – some of the oldest writings of Ireland

  • Royal School founded here in 1608


  • Irelands Largest City

  • Home of Giants Ring

  • Became worlds largest producer of linen during US Civil War – nicknamed – “Linenopolis”

  • Home of Cavehill – thought to inspire Gulliver Travels

  • Birthplace of Titanic in 1912

  • Belfast – means Rivermouth – the mouth of the sand-bank ford

  • In 1970,1980s home of Troubles – known as the Most Dangerous City in World

  • Major Seaport

  • Started by a grant in 1880 by Queen Victoria

  • Remains of Iron Age Forts still Visible


  • Also known as Londonderry

  • Home of 17th Century Derrys Walls with seven gates

  • Second largest City in Northern Ireland

  • Old City lies on West Bank of Foyle River

  • One of the Oldest continually Lived in Cities in Ireland

  • Attacked by Sir Cahir ODaughtery – who burnt most of the city in 1608

  • Being Preserved are the Gates – Bishop’s Gate, Ferryquaye Gate, Shipquay Gate, Butcher’s Gate

  • First Bridge Built-in 1790 across River Foyle

  • During WWII Ships from Royal Navy, Canadian Royal Navy, United States navy was Stationed Here

  • At end of WWII and Germany’s surrender – it harbored 60 U-Boat Submarines of the Kriegsmarine – Germanys navy


  • Birthplace of Irelands Linen Business in 1698 by Louis Crommelan

  • Lisburn square was constructed in 2003

  • In 1609 Originally a Fort By Sir Fulke Conway

  • Had a Protected Nuclear Bunker during the Cold war

  • Conway castle built in 1627

  • Town reduced to ashes in 1641 – during the fighting

  • 1762 over 300 Weavers were displayed their wares

  • An outbreak of Cholera – 1830

  • 1623 beginning build of the great Church of Ireland.



  • Divided by Clayrne River

  • Founded in 1144 next to a Monastery

  • Started as a market town and a Garrison

  • Its name means “Grove of yew Trees” – From when Legend says Saint Patrick Planted a yew Tree There

  • Violence during the “Troubles” – car Bombings



  • Cork harbor –is the Second Largest in the world

  • 3rd largest city in Ireland

  • Home of Yacht Club founded in 1720

  • First Potatoe Planted here in 1588

  • Last Place the Titanic Docked before she sank

  • Home to the 13 Arch Bridge – the Narrowest and oldest bridge still in use in Europe

  • Home of First Ford Motor company factory outside the US

  • St Colman’s cathedral has 49 Bells the most in Europe.


  • Capital of Dublin on the mouth of Riffey River

  • Home of Dublin castle

  • Has the youngest population in Europe – 50% under 25

  • Dublin has 666 pubs

  • Home of brazen head Pub Opened in 1198

  • Founded by Vikings

  • The Name Dublin means “Black Pool” – is where the poodle stream met the Riffey River and formed a Hole at Dublin Castle.

  • Home of “Book of Knells”

Old Postcards Ireland Helpful Guide W Pricing 1


  • Founded on the mouth of River Corrib

  • Festival Capital of Ireland 122 – Festivals each year

  • Fort originally built in 1124- town created by Richard de Burgh in 1232

  • Galway’s name means –“ Stony river”

  • Song created by Ed Sheran – “ Galway Girl”

  • Nelson Mandella – Former President of South Africa – Graduated from the National University of Ireland in Galway

  • Galway also called – city of tribes – 14 Families



  • Beside the Shannon river

  • Home to Saint Johns Castle

  • Name is thought to mean – Barren Piece of Land

  • Last man Executed in Ireland was in Limerick in 1954

  • In History called – City of sieges – 1642, 1650-51, 1690,1691

  • Living Bridge – longest pedestrian Bridge in Ireland – 350 meters – 1148 feet


  • Irelands Oldest city founded in 914 by the Vikings

  • Home of Reginald’s Tower

  • Home of Waterford Crystal in 11783

  • Famous – Robert Boyle – father of chemistry, ETS Walton first Irishman to receive Nobel Prize

  • On the Suir River

Old Vintage Ireland City Postcard Helpful Guide W Pricing

Ireland City Video$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million Cards
ArmaghVideo$ 24.99 / 1.6946Armagh Postcards
Belfast.Video$ 186.94 / .25625Belfast. Postcards
Derry.Video$ 34.44 / 3.2553Derry. Postcards
Lisburn.Video$ 2.585Lisburn. Postcards
NewryVideo$ 4.73 / 2.0029Newry Postcards
CorkVideo$ 125.00 / 1.99957Cork Postcards
DublinVideo$ 43.89 / .431,573Dublin Postcards
GalwayVideo$ 72.06 / .23260Galway Postcards
LimerickVideo$ 37.13 / .99104Limerick Postcards
WaterfordVideo$ 14.95 / .10129Waterford Postcards
Old Vintage Ireland City Postcard Helpful Guide W Pricing
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