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postcards of isle of wight

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Postcard History of The Isle of Wight

Beautiful Beaches  The largest island, and second most population of England. It is located off the South Coast of England.   Been a resort island for Hundreds of years.  Its population in 2011 was 141,000 on this Island.  Has great Beaches Mild climate.  Been perfect for Boating and Regattas for several hundred years.

The Island has been home to many Famous people.  The Poets Tennyson and Swinburne, and also to Queen Elizabeth.  She built her summer home here, and also her final residence at Cowes.

It has been a place of great boat building, Sail Building, hovercraft, and Britans Space Rockets.


Towns of Isle of Wight

  • Newport

You can still see the Remains of the Roman Occupation of the Island. Located in the area called the Medina – two Villas remain.  It was incorporated as a Borough in 1608 – then as Borough of Medina in 1975.  The Isle of Wight Festival is held every year.  It is also the home of the Newport Football Club.  It also contains Isle of Wight cricket grounds. In the 2011 census, the population is about 26,000 people.  You can also visit the Quaye Arts Center. Also the Queen Victoria Memorial.


  • Brading

It was in times past called “ Kynges Towne “  there is the Historic Town Hall that is near to the church it was built in 1903.  This is also the location of the “ Bull Ring” This was an old sport.  Where a Bull was tethered to the ring, the attacked by dogs.  At the end of the sport, the meat of the animal would be donated to the poor.

You can also see the Town Gun – It was never fired in action but was made in 1549 by the Owens Brothers.  They had prepared for the French Invasion.  Years later they took it to a celebration and decided to fire it.  ( 1832)  It exploded and split the Barrel.

You can also see the Lilliput Doll and Toy Museum.  There is the Roman Villa at Morton, Brading Waxworks Museum, Also the Sun Dial is there also.

  • Cowes

It is located on the West bank of The Medina River.  It has two parts of the town, one on the east side one on the west they are connected by the Cowes Floating Bridge and a Ferry that runs back and forth.  It is home to the World’s oldest regatta – boat race it takes place in the first week of August every year and has been going on since 1815.

There are several Forts and Castles made around the time of the French Invasion.

  • Henrician castle

  • Tudor Towers

  • Cowes castle

Cowes has been known as a world-renowned center for Boat Building.  Called the Yachting Capital of the World since the days of King George

Three of the Opium Clippers ( Ships) were Built-in Cowes

  • Nina – 1852

  • Eamont – 1853

  • Wild Dayrell – 1854

The town still is important in Boatmaking even to the testing of New Hovercraft.


  • Ryde

In 2011 it had a population of around 32,000 and is known as being a seaside resort.  When the Tide goes out it has great expanses of beaches.  It has a Ferry service to England.  The town has the Town Hall built in 1829 and several Victorian Houses still standing.  Today it still has ferry service plus hovercraft service to the South sea.

It is a large attraction for tourists who wants a day walking tour or excursion.  Swimming Pool and Bowling Alley plus many Playgrounds for the Children.  You can see Ryde Castle.  Two festivals Mardi Gra, and Ryde Carnival that has close to 50,000 visitors per year.

John Lenon  (1940 – 1980)   and Paul McCartney (1942- ) from Here


  • Sandown

A seaside resort with 21,000 population in 2011.  Sandown is named and known for its long sandy beaches.  Sandown bay has the Longest unbroken Beaches in England.    Home of nature reserves – great Bird watching.  Also, a petrified forest that comes up from the Bay.

Home of Sundown castle built for the French Invasion constructed in 1545.  There are Plans to open a Priemere Inn in 2020.

Other Hotels

  • Travel Inn

  • Holiday Inn

  • Express Holiday Inns

  • Hemel Hempstead

Also Isle of Wight Zoo, Dinosaur Isle.

    • Shanklin

This the furthest south of

  • Three settlements on the Bay.  It is on the coast of Sundown Bay.  It has several Seafront hotels, Seaside cafes and restaurants   Its main attractions are

  • Old Village

  • Shanklin Chine – very green  clifts and trails –waterfalls – paid attraction

  • Clock tower

They Have local Shops, and craft centers, clothing and sports shops.  They also have a Shanklin Theater.  You can take the Sandown bay Bus tour that also takes you through Shanklin.

  • Ventnor

In 2011 Ventnor had a population of 6,000 natural inhabitants.  Become known as famous health and Holiday Location.  It was called the “ English Medertanean”,  “ Mayfair by the Sea”

Because of the towns naturally, protect climate it allows sub tropical Plant to grow.  They have Ventnor Botanic gardens.  In its early years, it only consisted of a few fishermen and one from.  They had a Water Mill for some time.

During WWII it was bombed repeatedly.  The English had a Radar station there.  Ventnor Radar Station.  Most of the structures of the town had been destroyed.  Today the Town has many small shops that are opened seasonally for Tourist trade.

They also have a Theater Carnaval every year – art –theater – comedy

  • Yarmouth

The population in 2011 was 865 people.  Located on the Mouth of the Small Western Yar River

Old Postcards Isle of Wight Helpful Guide W Pricing

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