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Postcard History Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and is the largest city in Germany also.

Much of the land of Berlin was from ancient times from the Ruler Albert the Bear.      It is founded on the banks of the Spree river.

1539 – Berlin officially becomes Lutheran.

In 1576 the Black Plague killed about 6000 people when it struck the town of Berlin

30 years of war resulted in Half of the population being killed which at that time was around 12,000 people.  A new King Hodar was put in charge and he had politics of religious freedom and tolerance and the city began to grow to a population of around 20,000,  it had one-third of its buildings being demolished during that previous 30 years.    He also developed an army.    In 1933 the Capital was set on fire.

Unfortunately in World War II,   Berlin was a primary target of the allies trying to destroy it being the capital of Germany.

At the end of the WWII Germany was divided into 4 sections each being controlled by allied countries

  • American – South

  • British – North

  • French – West

  • Soviet – East

Cold war

After the war, Germany had been divided into four sections of the territory,  with English, American, Austrians and the Russian all holding parts in different territories.   Germany this also took place in Berlin and the Soviets the Russian wanted to drive out English so there was hostility this eventually resulted in the origination of East and western with the Berlin Wall going up there to separate the two.  When the division between the 2 countries took place in East and West Germany many of the residents fleeing to go to the free part of generating Germany from East Germany was losing all these skills and technology they were fleeing to the free country.   what Soviet Russia decided to do was to build the Berlin Wall so that they couldn’t they would not lose all the people that were moving to the free side.  1961 to keep all their own citizens there.

It did stop the flight headed toward freedom but was viewed as a communist rule.

Berlin Currency Reform

The allies have proposed currency relief in the city of Berlin.   it would clean up all the black market laundering of money that was taking place by making it worthless.    The Russians were not told. As this was Happening

Berlin Airlift

Or in June of 1948 Soviets had blockaded all the portions of Berlin except the ones they had access they were trying to shut off the western power from the city of Berlin.  The land was located right in the Soviet portion of Germany that had been divided to them and with a blockade that they set up.  it stopped all,  food and first aid supplies being taken to the population that was so desperately needed after the war eas halted..  When the Blockade started took place the city only had 36 days of food in supplies in at had only 45 days of coal for heat.  With the blockade taking place the western allies were greatly outnumbered in so the only choice they had was to retreat or surrender there to the Soviet Union.

  They could stay in Berlin where they were trapped or they could resort to surrender.  The Allies could send in military arms, to free them in Berlin but then that would have started another war, and the last one had just ended.  The Russians had been twice in the last 30 years,  that Germany had attacked Russia and they were very angry at the atrocities that Germany had brought upon them in so they just wanted Germans destruction.  They also wanted it to be a buffer zone to keep the western powers separated from Russia.


They advised President Truman that we should withdraw from Berlin,   but he said we are not leaving we are staying the Allies felt democracy was the best answer for Germany,  having its rebirth as a Democratic society, Russians did not agree.  The economy of berlin was destroyed after World War II.  Most of Berlin was starving the main reason was that at the end of the war German currency had become so inflated that they could not buy any foods that they needed to survive.  The Main Comoddity they use for money during that time was American cigarettes that’s how the country was surviving.


The Allies tried to fix the program through the monetary reform a currency change – but to counter that the Russians printed millions of notes and dump them on the market.  The Allies continued with the money monetization and created the duchemark for the Germans to use but when the Russians found out about it they completely surrounded Berlin with military force.


Now Berlin was starving,  the way the British and the Americans decided to look at it is they wanted to airlift by plane supplies into Berlin to keep it an alive.   So what they concluded was they would drop the supplies in my air and that if the Russians would shoot down any of their planes it would be an act of war.  Russians threaten to shoot down the planes,  but at the end did not do it because of the threat of military action.   for president Truman had called Stalin’s Bluff and the airlift supplies were being dropped in.


1949 – Federal Republic of Germany is Founded ( West Germany)  – the German Democratic Republic is Founded the same year

1961 Bradenburg Gate is closed

Brandenburg Gate– it originally opened as a symbol of peace and cooperation,  in Germany in 1791 – originally it was a symbol of peace and commerce – but under the nazi rule a sign of intolerance.  It was originally designed after the Acropolis in Athens Greece.  It has 12 Columns, and it has a Chariot on Top being pulled by 4 Horses.  It was originally named the Peace gate.

It was damaged mostly from Street Fighting in WWII


The gate just found itself inside the berlin Wall. On East Germany side.  Both Kenedy and Regan used the symbol of the Gate for backdrops to their speeches.  In 1970 Regan asked Gorbachev to tear down this wall.

Opened Again In 1989 the first time – since the wall was constructed that a German citizen Passed from one side of Germany to the other.  Now the gate is just a pedestrian walkway only.  It is surrounded by a hotel in the French embassy across from it.  In today we can walk right through it even though it one time it was the most closely guarded border.


President Ronald Regan visits Berlin – 1970

1961 people were fleeing East Germany, the Russian government trying to get into West Germany,  trying to get into freedom.  By the time the Berlin Wall taken down over 200 people had been executed as they try to escape from East Germany.

President Reagan gave a direct challenge to Gorbachev about tearing down the wall,  when he gave that message in front of the Brandenburg gate declaring the freedom that should be yours and said that no one ever went from freedom and tried to cross to the Soviet side,  He stated that,  every man was a German, and that he was separated from his fellow Germans by this wall.  We welcome change and openness, but we believe security and freedom Go together.  The advance of human liberty can only strengthen World Peace.  – He said Mr Gorbachauv – Open this Gate (Bradenburg Gate)

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