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Postcards from germany

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Postcard History Germany

1880 – First Boer War

These wars took place at the bottom of the African continent in South Africa.   the title of the people was called the Boers and they were originally brought there from England and they established the country.   then diamonds were discovered in their land and that great discovery brought floods of people during that time.   for years battles going on between Boer control and England, they would rise up and England would come back and suppress them many times using scorched earth policies.   Germany had settled the country to the North and as the battles raged people came back and forth across the border it wasn’t shortly after that that they discovered gold in the board country in so many people were going after that mineral also.

1899 there was also the second Boer war when again rebellion took place and they were afraid of the Zulu African tribe and so war took place in Britain came in and quickly crush them again

1884 – Berlin Conference – Scramble for Africa

In the 1800s  many countries were flooding into Africa trying to plant their flags 0f their countries to claim territory.  Because Industrialization was going across the world at that time.   many countries were vying for the natural resources on the African continent the gold in the diamonds in the minerals, palm oil, cotton,  that was there.

Fighting over land and trade, the Suez canal began to disrupt trade.  The called the Berlin Conference.

18 countries met in Berlin.  Belgium, France, Portugal, England, and Germany were the major Players.

England had the most territory and they were fighting to maintain control..stating they were opposed to slavery – but in reality, slavery increased especially of women and children.  The European powers were trying to keep the natives divided.  So they could continue to exploit them.

German control of Rwanda,

The Europeans were maintaining control to be able to exploit the raw wealth of the African nation to fuel industrialization, and at the same time sell items back to the African continent – circular pattern.

This scramble led to the European Nations drawing arbitrary territory lines – regardless of what local populations had.

King Leopards II Congo war over 5 million was murdered and thousands had their hands chopped off.

1889 – Adolf Hitler was Born

Born in Austria – his father died when he was very young and growing up he was not a very good student.  His real name was Stackelberg any was actually a corporal in World War One.  End of World war one, Germany was suffering very hard because of all the sanctions in been placed on the country after the war. Adolf Hitler’s was able to rally the people in their suffering and in their despair.  You also at this time he started joining the political parties and rallying people against Jews.  This party later became the Nazi party.  Adolf Hitler led a  rebellion against the Republic of Germany but he failed after that they are they put him in prison and that’s where he stayed.

He used Anti-semitism as a tool for his rise to power.  In 1933 Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany,  now he has all the police and the military.   He forged his way into a dictatorship of the country of Germany.  He then invaded Poland.  Britain and France declared war on Germany and then shortly after that Hitler invaded the Soviet Union.  Who started the largest land war in history.  In December of 1941, he also declared war upon the United States.

50 Million People died.  He felt compelled to rid the world of the Jewish People.

Open June 6, 1944, the allies’ invasion to Normandy was a turning point of the war.  Less than one year Germany would surrender to the allies.

1892 – Rudolf Diesel – Invented the first Diesel Engine

Franco-German Engineer – he started by designing refrigerator within by 1892 he patented ignition engine, Known as the diesel engine.  It was a very simple engine design it was created to run all the simplest of fuel vegetable oil and coal dust.  It will compress the mixture so much that it would ignite just by the heat of the compression it was a very economical system to run.  He displayed and demonstrated,  one of his engines at the 1900 world fair and that one ran on peanut oil.  Became very economical at the time in farmers used it constantly farmers could even grow their own fuel.

Diesels’ new engine made him a millionaire by his forties.  1n 1913 traveling on a steamship from Belgium to England he drowned at sea.

1914 – WWI

1914 was the year that  Germany was involved in World War one and continued on for 4 years.  At the close of World War one many countries of the world were sick of fighting if they simply wanted the fighting to come to an in it there be peace and that’s when the beginning of the League of Nations took place.

1926 – Germany Joins League of Nations

63 nations all over the world joined together to promote peace.  Their idea was to settle conflicts and disagreements through conversation in discussions rather than war.  The League also wanted to increase and improve living conditions all over the clearly down on human trafficking slavery on prisoners of war a lot of the travesties that were taking place around the world.  Nations keeping tabs on one another – so that people had a better quality of life.

1936 – Summer Olympics in Berlin

Berlin hosted the 1936 Olympics in Berlin Germany.  Adolf Hitler wanted at the  Olympics that year in a way that he could show off the power in the might of the German country.   it was only slightly 3 years after that that they invaded Poland.  There was some boycotting of that year’s Olympics, but 43 countries sent athletes to Berlin to compete in that year’s games.  They Banned all Jewish athletes.  The first time in history – they were broadcasted live on television.  This is where Jesse Owens from Ohio State University – won over the germans.

1949 – West Germany Founded

Britan – the United States – France – Belgium – force the founding of the New Country of West Germany.  At The Old India Office.  Then 11 german political leaders gather and formed a group of 63 families to form the New West German Constitution.  They have a free election in a Democrat Christian politician is elected as president.  Otto Schumacher – Helmond the new capital was established in by and the new president, of course, wanted to raise a Catholic-dominated country as they renewed people simply wanted to come out of the poverty and desperation from WWII.

1961 –  Construction of Berlin wall

The Berlin Wall was constructed in 1961 in was not torn down till 1989 in it is the beginning of the Cold War.  Communist Party of East Germany were the ones who began building and constructing the world it was made solid and it had Barbwire on the top of it to prevent people from going back in it was a separation from the  Democratic style of West Germany to the dictatorship style of East Germany.  After the end of the World War was divided into sections and England and Britain had one section in Russia had the other section.  Berlin was divided between them all. Russians were determined to remove the Americans and the British people from the city of Berlin in the wall with keep people from going back and forth and they were able to separate the country even the German people could not go back and forth across the wall.

1972 Summer Olympics

The  72 Olympics was held in Munich Germany athletes from all over the world went there to celebrate sports and healthy competition. The competition at the Olympics was world wide in it was famous as the Russians and the Americans competed for Mark Spitz, and the little sparrow from Russia competed it was a famous Olympics,   but it is mostly remembered terrorist attack where at 11 Jewish Athletes were killed by Palestine.  This was the beginning of worldwide terrorism, on the world stage. Earlier Olympics when Adolf Hitler was alive he used it to propagate the superiority of the Aryan race but in contrast to that this Olympics was called by the German Olympic of peace.

2000 – Expo 2000 Hanover

First Expo happened in Hanover Germany  It was Initiated by the United Kingdom in 2000.  Over 180 countries attended the exposition.  The theme was humankind’s blending of Nature and Technology.  The German host wanted to show the need of good resource management across the earth and the need for people to manage it.  Emphasizing how technology help manage and regulate your’s resource one example was the water bus from Germany.

2005 – Angela Merkle becomes Chancellor


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