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19 Ghost Town Postcards (Helpful Illustrated Guide) w/ Prices

Ghost Town Postcards

In this article on  19 Haunted Ghost Towns.   There are over 1,800 of Them in the United States We added to our Research Tool to make it more Collector Friendly.  We also have added a Video Link so that you can look at the Ghost Town Antique Postcards and compare them to original or restored Ghost Towns

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In the United States, there are over 1,800 Ghost Towns


19 Haunted Ghost Town Postcards

19 Haunted Ghost Town Postcards ( Helpful Illustrated Guide) w/ Prices



  • Calico California Ghost Town

    • Today Calico is a tourist attraction but originally Calico was a silver mining town, in 1800.  Who is located in the calico mountains which is on the edge of the Mojave Desert?  In  8014 silver prospectors are the ones who discovered Calico.   It was named after the Calico mountains because they felt that the calico color is what it represented.  Prospectors opened the Silver King mine.  Calico grew to be California’s largest silver producer in the mid-1918 80 and the town grew so much that it started publishing its own newspaper you have 5 general stores had its own meat market bars brothel 3 restaurants a boarding house in a school district and it had a voting this it had a total population of the time at its peak of around 1200 people.
    • Later silver was discovered in it being in mining there in the population grew to approximately 3500 people many of them immigrants from England’s the Netherlands China working in there in laboring in the mines
    • California’s  Largest ghost town was called Calico.  It is in the base of the mountains, and even on the mountains, themselves is carved into the stone the words calico you can see it from a distance.  Calico dates back to 1881 is called the largest silver mining camp, in California.  You can still see the sheriff building and that is right next to the town Hall.  It also has the general Mercantile store which was established in 1882.  The store is also the post office.  Also in the middle of the town is a minecart in this still sitting on the original rails it would take it in and out from the mine.  We can visit a local Barbershop and get a haircut for 50 cents or a haircut and a shave for 75 cents if you like.  If you have the time you can also have a tooth pulled while you’re there.  the barbershop you can also take a bath and they have a wooden tub.
    • We can also go to the town saloon and inside the saloon is surrounded by old painted art and a bar in a poker table.  Also, have the local blacksmith shop and there’s a wagon hearse that is in town where they would carry a great to be body to be buried.  Inside the Black Smith shop you can see an Anvil, you can see an old furnace, the blacksmith would heat up the iron to make it, you could see the wood water barrel, where he would temper it cool down the horseshoes and he was repairing all original time.
    • The schoolhouse is there in it was restored in 1955 where it was originally built as outside in the town.  Looking inside the school out she can see all these wood desks that is still there all wouldn’t that the children would sit at and then also the school would double as a church on Sunday.   as you journey outside you can begin it’ll take you to the mind where the silver mine was done and then they would carry the silver to the town via rail.
    • Even Has a  restaurant called the Calico house and it’s modeled after the original is he going in get a meal but the menus and everything is pattern off of the original menus,  also there is an assay office in inside the essay office they have some of the original equipment where he would analyze the purity of the metal that they were turning in they would make records of it in be able to turn it into money for the time.  They also have the original hotel which is standing there and they turned it into a candy shop right now but it’s mainly a tourist attraction most of the buildings and the town itself is been restored back to its 1800 birthright.


  • Goldfields Arizona Ghost Town

    • The Ghost Town named Goldfields Arizona has originally had the name of  Youngberg.  The town was founded in 1893 when they discovered gold in an area of the Superstition Mountains the town was abandoned twice by its residents after the mines ran out of gold.  Three Prospectors were the first to discover gold in Goldfields, Colin Hanks, Riley Morris, and Orlando were first to discover gold first in 1893.
    • Superstitious mountain also had several other names Krooked Top MountainThunder Hill, Foam Top Mountain.  The name seems to come from Farmers in the Late 1800s, who heard it from the Pima Indians.  From the Indians, the farmers of the Salt River Valley had heard stories about “strange sounds, people who disappeared, mysterious deaths, and an overall fear of the mountain
    • The population at its peak was about 4000 residents, it had a hotel,   general store,  a church, school, a post office leaving everybody in the town without a job and then things slowly went downhill from there the post office discontinued the service in 1898.  Reviving once again in 1910 was revived and they open up a new mill and cyanide plant in the name of that time was called Youngberg after George Young,   use the secretary of Arizona he was governor at the time those mines also ran out in 1926 in the town again was abandoned.
    • Now Goldesfield is still abandoned, is now it is been turned into a tourist attraction.  In the middle of town is a general store called Mitch motherload Mercantile store.  There is another building there called Bordertown you soon as to be a type of the shop looks like the blue Nuggets saloon is in the middle of town there’s also a museum looks like on the second floor and also below that there is a building for the justice of peace people who wanna get married.
    • Jailhouse stands out in Town.  There is a sign on JailHouse Wall before you enter – Jail House Rules
      1. No Complaining
      2. No Profanity
      3. No Loud Talk
      4. 2 Visits to Outhouse a day
      5. Meals – Beans – Bread – Water
      6. Jail Visits are at Sheriffs Discretion
    • right next to the jailhouse they also had a stage set up for politicians to come in and address the town phone set of stairs and you had a stage with flags around it so they could talk to people that would gather round.  Steps leading up to the Mammoth saloon.  In the middle the town is a gigantic cactus, right next to it, is a steam-powered tractor with metal wheels.  Toward the edge of town, there is the old Bordilla which was the local ladies’ house.  When studying the Old West you’ll see in many of the mining gold towns and there were springing up around the western part of the country prostitution was a very very big business of the time.


  • Rhyolite Nevada Ghost Town

    • This ghost town called the Rhyolite is found Nye County in the state of Nevada it is located in the Bullfrog Hills,  northeast northwest of Las Vegas close to the edge of Death Valley this mining town began in 1905, after the discovery of gold in some of the surrounding Hills the gold rush and was taking place.  In 1911 lower mine production, the population dropped to under 1000,  many of the people had left looking for greener pastures.  Or should I say more Golden Opportunities.  in 1908, investors invested in the Montgomery Shoshone Mine.  They put in in the infrastructure in setting it up for the ghost town have electric lights, water lines, telephones, newspapers, hospitals, school, Opera House, it even had a Stock Exchange.  The town had a population in 1907 and 1908 from between 3500 –  5000 people.   for just as fast is it grew, it declined after the earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco by 1920 all operations are gone.   Today it has become a tourist attraction Internet as many of the buildings have been rebuilt in may just like they were
    • The Town is called Rhyolite, in it gets its name from a very light-colored rock that is found in the mountains around it is also found in the Amargosa  River, which throw it flows close by an idiot says name from the word bitter because there’s a lot of salt that is in the water from the mining going through.
    • Only had a life span of about 10 years with the discovery of gold and before things began playing out.  When it started there was over 2000 people had posted claims.
    • The Bottle House – one of the very most important reliques it is there is a house that is called the bottle house it is a house that is made out of beer and liquor bottles approximately 50,000 of make up the walls and ceilings and around the windows of the house very very unique in its nature.  It was built in 1906 and it used primarily bush Beer Bottles, Donated from the 50 bars in town and held together with adobe mud.  It took them approximately a year and a half to build the building.  The wood that is available is very hard to work within making the buildings and that’s why they use the option of bottles and Adobe mud.  1925 Paramount Pictures got ahold of the house and they restored it to use it in one of their movie productions..


  • St Elmo Colorado Ghost Town

    • ST Elmo today is a ghost town that is located in Chaffee  County in Colorado it was founded in 1880 and it was found by minors that were mining for gold and silver.    That area at one time close to 2000 people settled.   in this goes down as the mining industry took off and flourished then it started to decline in the 20 early twenties and then it continues to drop it was also originally named Forrest City but later it was changed because all the other towns that had that same name .  it was at its peak population in the 1890s at that time it had a general store, it had a Town Hall, it had 5 hotels.   It had a newspaper office, schoolhouse, saloons, dancing Halls, Telegraph office,  at that time when it was established it had over 150 mines that had patents on in that area.   Most of the people that live there were working in the mines,   some of the names of the mines was called the Molly or Pioneer Mine,   The Mary Murphy Mine happens to be the largest in that area and over the life of the Mary Murphy Murphy mine, it recovered over $16 Million worth of gold in operation.   Eventually, the Mary Murphy Murphy mind shut down because the railroad was abandoned in 1922 today the only thing in his left it’s a ghost town in today is a tourist attraction people are able to visit and see when used to be.
    • Abner Ellis Wright was the first prospector to open the first mine in st Elmo.  Legend high but he was attacked by a bear in then he killed it with a knife only later on to be in a bar fight and have his ear shot off.    This town instead of being in the desert happened to be in the foot of the mountains of Colorado so wood was abundant it was a very very beautiful wooded area to have a town spring up and there was a lot of wood that could be used for heat in the winter for wood stoves in for building.
    • Getting to Saint Elmo is a difficult process she had to get there by horseback you might get there by stagecoach.   Or on foot,  in it wasn’t till later that the Rail Road became available.  The town served as a supply hub and as a more or in metal ore distribution center and was then directed out of town to the various markets, or to the closest Smelter.
    • Winters were fierce and Hard.  Mine Production fluctuated up and down.  When the railroad became available then it became much easier they were able to move their medals in and out near the railroad so that town continued to grow for a short time until the mines played out.  Many of the people that lived in town then were Rail Road workers.
    • The town had a short life because in the early 1910s 1920s the railroad that went through the Alpine tunnel shut down and when it shut down then the town dried up quickly.


  • Terlingua Texas Ghost Town

    • Terlingua ghost town is located in a mining district and it was located in Brewster County, close to the Rio Grande River, It was also close to the Mexican state of Chihuahua.   They discovered in the late 1880s cinnabar,  this is a metal which Mercury can be extracted from it so they began mining this metal,  during that time many mines sprung up.  They also called quicksilver.   the first actual mine produced was an action in 1888 but it was slow to become known, and so was not publicized in the mining magazines are in the districts until right around 1900 and then many other people began moving to the area in the early 1900s.   At that time history says they continued to grow.   The post office was established in 1899 by 1903,  close to 3000 people populated A man Moved To Terlingua by the name of Howard Perry, who was a native to Cleveland Ohio.   In 1858 he took over one of the mines, due to a settlement that he received.   from there he continued to develop the mine continue taking materials out.   He ran it from Cleveland Ohio and installed a gigantic furnace in 1906 it was a 20 ton Scott furnace.     they use  Mesquite and cottonwood to fuel the furnace.    They smelt the ore in them.  Then they could partially process the metals that they were digging out of the ground,  they were bringing water in by wagon helping out from various areas to help their process.
    • The Lifespan in Terlingua was very short and they did not understand why we do now with people were dying off because of the Mercury poisoning it was taking place is they dug it out of the mines.   it.  The Church is still standing and it was made in the 18 00s so it’s approximately 200 years old right now.  All the windows in the church have lead works done on their windows.  It is very artistic and they look gorgeous you look at them but that is an old-style, and putting glass in windows is using lead.


  • Colorado City Nevada Ghost Town

  • Nevada City Montana Ghost Town

    • The ghost town of Nevada city Montana was one of 2 major cities that were known as the richest gold strikes in the Rocky Mountain West.  The other one which we’ve already covered was Virginia city and this is gone on since the late 1990s both places and become tourist attractions.  we’re looking into their history they had found archaeological evidence in Nevada city that they found it to Music Hall and also the same hotel that would indicate earlier that the town was founded by white hunters or trapper that were going after the Beaver trade it was in that area and in June of 1863 there was a settlement in Virginia.  A
    • Nevada City the ghost town was one of 9 moving gold camp that were sprawled along the Alder Gulch 1863 Nevada city in Virginia city where the largest no of those 9 Camps in 1863 Nevada city’s Main Street was the scene of the miners court trial and the hanging of George’s Ives this event was a catalyst for the forming of the vigilante at that time doesn’t some stores and cabins extended back 6 block only by 1876 if you have the right residence remained in Nevada city the gold dredges later became large piles of wood and barns by the 1920 highway had been cut down and in half, by 1955 the only residents were 2 people Cora and  Alfred Finney, Charles Bovey began collecting buildings in the early 1940s in acquiring Nevada city from Lester and Mary styles they begin to place the buildings here in 1959 and Nevada City became a Haven for endangered structure more than 90 buildings from them from across Montana line the streets.
    • Another one of the mining towns  called a Adobetown  had its peak population number to rose to 10,000 in some of the colorful mining camp that were the limelight is so numerous at that time it was called 14 Miles City it was one of the many cities in line of Alder Gulch it was located on mile below Nevada Center City and took its name from the dwelling minors the build Adobe bricks in from mud and grass in faction fashion their house small settlement was one of the richest sections of the golf in 1864 alone it was the hub of activity that re yielded$350,000 in gold in its heyday the area round Adobe town and if adicity supported 75 to 100 100 mine claims in each of the mines employed 5 to 12 men the salaries range from $5 to $8 a day Irish war and Nicholas carry walk from Denver to alder galc goldfield with all his possessions on his back vicarius future was not in mining in 1865 he built a Mercantile store at Apple town here is partner David O’Brien added a post ixpress office post office and soon stages from Salt Lake City in northern Pacific railhead at corynn Utah made regular stops for pastor Adobe wants bohstedt a store a blacksmith shop 2 hotels in the school the school was built in 1873 and it served the kids in that area till 1923 and then that building was moved to Virginia city in 1960 where it stands today.


  • Bodie California Ghost Town

    • The Ghost town in Brody California is in Mono County and it’s close to Lake Tahoe it began as a mining camp and the discovery of gold in 1859 by a group of prospectors,  one of them by the name of W S Bodey,   Bodey he died in a Blizzard that following year while making a supply trip trying to get supplies and he never did get to see the name of the town that was named after him.   Monoville discovered their gold that’s what he discovered at the same time there was a discovery of silver in a  nearby town called Aurora and then both towns began to boom at the same time.   In 1876  Standard Companies that build stamp Mills in Bodie,   but they have both failed in 1876 the standard company discovered a real rich gold or which then transformed them from a small mining camp and a Wild West town it’s called the Bodie mine in 1878 in at that time it had a population of 5000 – 7 000 people with 2000 building legend says that Bodie was California second or third largest city at the time over the years with the Bodie mines produce gold valued at $34 Million in the boom from late 1877 till May mid-1880 gold bullion from the towns 9 stamp Mills was taken to Carson City and it moved by the way of Aurora Wellington in gardenville shipments were made by armed guards after the bullion reach Carson City it was delivered and then sent by rail to San Francisco as a gold mining center Brodie had many things that larger town had at that time it had a Wells Fargo Bank, Fire departments Brass bands,  Railroads minors,  unions,  newspapers,  a jail, and at its peak at 65 saloons there were lined up sides of Main Street there were murders,  in numerous bar room brawls,   all the things that occured in the wild Wild West times of the gold boom that was taking place across the United States.
    • The first signs of decline,  It was in  1880 was where things started to begin to decline there were so many other places they gold with being discovered, that many of the minors that were there were moving out and heading toward rich are richer places their production rate in the 18 80s was still high, but because of the population was leaving the mining, amount of gold declined,  The whole place declined at 1892 the standard company build his own hydroelectric plant approximately 13 miles away from Dynamo Pond.     by the year 1910, the population is dropped all the way down to 698 people.   those were people that just decided to stay instead of moving the other places that were more prosperous, from there on mining continued to decline in the last line was closed in 1941-1942 due to the war that was taking place overseas.


  • Cahawba Alabama Ghost Town

  • Kennecott Alaska Ghost Town

    •  Kennecott ghost town that is in Kennecott Alaska.  It began in the early 19oo’s, It was known as Kennicott mine,  It was a copper mining camp in 1938 and it is located beside the Kennicott glacier right now there are historical landmarks.
    • In the summer of 1905th prospector is one of them was charantia lejacq Smith and the other one was Clarence Warner thanks for the green Patch about the Meadow that green Patch turns to turn out to be a metal called malachai and also take a copy use location of a bonanza clean in a few days later they filed a mining certificate for it Steven Birch was an engineer out of school any was looking for advancement opportunities in Alaska spent his winter in 1901 or 1902 acquiring properties to look at for the Alaska copper company in the summer of 1901 he visited that property is spent muppet months mapping and sampling it out at the time at that time it was the largest and richest known concentration of copper in the can you cut mines was named after the kennicott glacier which is in the Valley below genicot have 5 mine they were called the bonanza the jumbo motherload irry and glacier which is another part of the bonanza mine in 1911 the first shipment of or left Kenny pot and by rail when it moved to the steamship in was it carried across the ambercrombie landing my miles glacier it contained a shipment of or that was 72% copper in 18 for 10:18 ounces of silver per time in 1960 year the highest year for production they value the orange 32000000 thinking about the kitty pot mine glenshire mine was closed in 1929 then the mother load in 1938 in the final 3 minds for clothes in 1930 the eighth leaving it a ghost town at the time is before it was closed they produced over 4.6 million tons of copper I don’t value of 200,000,000 by the year of 1950.   The Town was completely deserted except for one family of 3 who served as watchman there so today it is simply a ghost town.


  • Bannack Montana Ghost Town

    • The Ghost town Bannack Montana Beaverhead County and it’s located on grasshopper Creek to send it in 1862 and named after the local Bannack  indeed it was a side of a major going to discovery in 1862 and for a while and served as a capital of Montana territory up until 1864 with a capital was in move to Virginia system city he continued to be a mining town with the underlying population very last residence left in 1970 at its peak one  prospers in had a population of about 10000 feet it was remote and it was connected by the Montana trail at the time love it hi prosperity there were 3 hotels 3 bakeries 3 blacksmith shops 2 stables to meet mark it’s a grocery store or restaurant a brewery a billiard Hall, in 4  saloons all of the businesses because of where it’s located in you know in the trees availability for made out of wood that
    • Other towns founders Dr Erasmus Leavitt, he was a doctor that was born in Cornish New Hampshire is Madison or is doctor through for a while to become a goldmine here rived in Bannack in then he alternately back and forth practice medicine while you were mining for gold with the pick and shovel Bannack, Sherriff Henry plumber was accused of some by leading a band of ruthless road agent in claim it they were responsible for over 100 murders in Virginia city in the banner goldfield all the way up to Salt Lake City, however, there is only 8 best word that we actually document so someone thinks that it’s exaggeration the plumbers gang for both deputies they were hanged without trial Atlantic in January of 1864.  Xournal 22 people were accused informale tried and hang by the Montana vigilantes that were up bantik in Virginia city today bantik is a State Park.


  • Centralia Pennsylvania Ghost Town

    • there’s a ghost town in Centralia Pennsylvania in it is also in Columbia County Pennsylvania it has a population that at one time and he 80s and 6 and in in the 80s was around 1000 red by 1990 down the only 5 or down to 63 and then in 217 it was only 5 people or less it’s a result of a coal mining this been burning underneath the ground in coming up through smoke and steam throughout the ground for quite a few years since 1962 you know the town is completely in have fun and how is it not inhabited right now because of the danger that they feel how this all came about the history of it is Indian tribes that that one time to lived in that counts and in 1749 they sold that land to sattler’s in the area to develop and during the Revolutionary War Robert Morris who is one of the guys who signed the Declaration of Independence acquired a third of Centralia valleys land he later declared bankruptcy and it was sold the chef Steven Gerrard and he bought it for like $30,000 because he had learned that there was cold in the proper hey colon centralia have very large ….ody really took it serious before the they sold it to Steven Gerard and he bought it for $30,000 but he had learned that there was cold in the property mostly they overlook the amount of cold it was there until an 1854 a railroad spur was run there called the mile mine run railroad in 1832 of the bulls head tavern was opened in this game the town is named the bulls head in the land was bought by a company called Locust mountain coal and iron company and there was a man there by the name of Alexander Ray and he was a mining engineer and he moved him see his family to the town of they begin setting it up and staging it for development and laying out plots of land and got it already ratona be about there um and that was in 1865 there were 2 miles are opened in 1856 because of that railroad a one was called the locus run mine and the other was called the coleridge my they opened in 1857-1856 to 1860 and they were pulling cold out of the land in selling it as a product to all of Pennsylvania during that time of Alexander Ray who had bought the property he was murdered by a group of evil called the Molly maguires in 1868 and eventually 3 men were convicted of his death and hang weather a lot of burgers it took place on latarce and it took place because of the mind violence that was taking on the Molly maguires they were mine workers that it unionised any teen 60 and they were fighting poor working conditions for wages they were trying to fight for all those things and they were very ruthless in what they did mini at the end of the day many of the Molly McGuire leaders were hanged in 1877 and um so they they count they took they took the they had to pay record of it according to the federal census Centralia reach the population of 2760 in 1890 that was a peek of its existence in at 7 churches 5 hotels 27 saloons 2 theater to movie theaters a bank and post office 14 general grocery store and then 30 serez 37 years after that the cold is cold production had his peak thought and following that it started to Klein is it when into World War one.
    • That is not totally sure how exactly that the fire started but what the the skin census is is that the fire Department was asked to burn trash which had done for it to pass in the landfill tender so they were burning trash in the landfill in then it made contact with some of the underground coal mines that had been minding meiningen dropped off at this point in there was no technically any mining taking place with there were many many minefields that had been a band in his they were abandoned people would go and bootleg cold out of them they would go there and they would dig out pieces of: take it back to use it to work to eat with but what that dude was a left many of the coal mines very weak and many of collapse so they were very unsafe well at that time when they had that fire they were burning in the in the landfill is seem to spread to the to the underground empty cavezzo they been mining in this was in 192 the fire began burning and continued to burn in people over the time began to leave the town and then the government took it over and forced everybody to evacuate and then at several families had been left there because they said they wanted to die there this day if you go back there there’s a church still standing there but most of the buildings have been demolished and everybody is there’s nobody living in the town today and you can see smoke coming out of the ground and several several different spot right now there’s about a 400 acre parcel of land where smoke where it’s burning underneath.


  • Dunton Hot Springs Colorado Ghost Town

  • Garnet Montana Ghost Town

  • Chernobyl / Pripyat Ukraine Ghost Town

    • what is the largest ghost towns is chernova which is in the Ukraine before it’s a back you ation the city had about 14,000 it was evacuated on the 5th of May and 1986 after there was a nuclear accident at the chernobyl nuclear power plant actually it’s the most disastrous nuclear accident Siri there’s close to the plant is prep yet um it was built in the 1970s is a home for all the power plants workers as they constructed it Dennis population was 50,000 and it was a back you waited 30 years 30 hours after the action that took place today turbotville is mostly a ghost time town there’s no people living there small numbers of animals and houses are there martua signs you know to stay away because of the danger of the radiation poison going back to the history a little bit of turnover chernobyl was a village granted to a captain of their cowboy cowboy any Russian army in 1566 then it was transferred to the Kingdom of Poland in 1569 into the Russians in 1793 prior to that true Noble just been hired and then you can have it it by pheasant lislique from polish descent in 1626 there was a revolution and in then the Roman Catholic Church became involved in an 1832 and they own the Castle there until 19 chernobyl in 1898 had a population of 10,800 including at that time 7200 Jews it was occupied during World War one and fought over in this Russian civil war that took place in 1919 to 1920 during World War 2 to Noble was occupied by the German already army from 19:41 until 19:43 and then 20 years later it was chosen to be the first nuclear power station build on your Ukraining soil’


  • Oradour – sur – Glane France Ghost Town

  • Hashima Island Japan Ghost Town

    • Hashima Island in Japan is also not necessarily a ghost city but like a ghost island.   In 1810 coal was discovered on this island, and the island was inhabited from 1887 to 1970.  It was used as a resource by extracting Coal From Undersea Mines.   By digging mineshafts underneath the ocean.  To House the Worker Population,  Many buildings made with many concrete buildings reinforcement structured,   all kind of construction took place over the next 55 years in building living facilities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, town Hall, Community Center,  shops, gardens, things that families would need for the minors and their families.    Beginning in 1930 and until the end of the Second World War, Koreans,   Chinese prisoners of war,  were forced to work there in the coal mines in very harsh facilities.   it is said that during this time. about 1300 of those labors or her soldiers from prison workcamps died
    • As times change in technology,  Coal was replaced with gas and diesel.   In Japan during the 1960s and as it happened across the Mainland,  coalmines begin shutting down all across Japan and Kashima.  Between 1891 – 1974 over 15.7 Million Tons were Mined.    The Infrastructure Remains on the island with buildings and surrounding seawall.   All of the whole Island is now is abandoned in so it’s a ghost island.


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