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Beginner’s Guide – How Much is my Postcards Worth

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Since we have been collecting Postcards.  We have constantly been amazed at how much some cards brought, then others that we thought must be priceless,  no one seemed to want.  We have watched in our family the Postcards that are passed down person to person.  Some of our family fiercely arguing for their possession.  But as time went on sooner or later they make it to the Saturday Sunny Afternoon Garage Sale.  Time has passed and now their importance had faded.


It is here that we ask, What are these vintage postcards worth?


The Simple, Most accurate answer is that they are worth, What a Postcard collector is willing to Pay.  The Most Valued Postcard we could find Record of was sold for “$ 45,370.00 ” – on the other end we have seen many cards that no one was willing to even pay “$ 1”

Vintage Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth

Type of PostcardAverage $$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million Postcards
3 - D Postcards$ 9.00$185 / .502988Postcards
Applique Postcards$14.00$ 29 / 2.73212Postcards
Art Deco Postcards$ 25.00$ 117 / 14.956,972Postcards
Art Nouveau Postcards$ 45.00$ 199 / 14.955,754Postcards
Artist Signed Postcards$ 85$ 622 / 50.0066,038Postcards
Bas Relief Postcards$ 9$ 45 / .99318Postcards
Big Letter Postcards$ 4.00$ 12 / 3.001449Postcards
Composites Postcards$ 3.00$ 17.99 / 1.46219Postcards
Court Cards Postcards$ 3.00$ 79 / 2.001,384Postcards
Divided Back Postcards$ 15.00$ 47 / 7.9514,773Postcards
Django Fontina Postcards000Postcards
Embossed Postcards$ 130.00$ 1600/ *0.0075,239Postcards
Hand Tinted Postcards$ 30$ 371 / 10.484,080Postcards
Hand Painted Postcards$ 18.75$ 750 / 4.581,791Postcards
Hold to Light Postcards$ 29.95$ 1,102.78 / 15.001,337Postcards
Kaleidoscope Postcards$ 33.99$ 59.00 / 1.7533Postcards
Large Letter Postcards$ 13.50$ 102.48 / 8.9917,746Postcards
Maximum Cards Postcards$ 13.77$ 33.88 / 2.00344Postcards
Midget Cards Postcards$ 9.99$ 49.99 / 3.83485Postcards
Novelty Postcards$ 19.99$ 213.48 / 1.334,409Postcards
Oilette Postcards$ 10.00$ 49.95 / 6.993,115Postcards
Postcardese Postcards$ 140.00$ 8,000 / 95.003,946,624Postcards
QSL Cards Postcards$ 7.99$ 51.17 / 6.022,417Postcards
RPPC / Real Photo Postcards49.89$ 2,025 / 4.99282,245Postcards
Topographical Postcards$ 2.99$ 13.50 / 1.27131Postcards
Undivided back Postcards$ 2.19$ 254.01 / .739,077Postcards
Vignette Postcards$ 11.15$ 231.59 / 1.991,261Postcards
Write - away Postcards$ 10.51$ 37.49 / 1.99175Postcards

So how can we tell if we have something very valuable or just common,

Things that influence a Postcards Value are mostly listed below –


  • Grade – M – NM-EX-VG – G – F-P   We have an article on postcard grading system

  • Age

  • Hand Made / Printing / Real Photo

  • Country of Origin

  • Posted Date

  • Who it was written too ( etc Abraham Lincoln)

  • How many were Originally Printed

  • Materials Used

  • Authors

  • What is the Image of

I am going to describe how we determine, as best as we can, the current value that the postcards have in today’s market.  That is how we list the for sale in our shop.  Most of our pricing experience has come with our learning about Vintage postcards in the eBay Marketplace.  At the end of the article i will give you a list of places you can have them professionally Valued.


  1. We examine the postcard very closely to make sure the condition it is in – Mint – Near Mint – Excellent – Very Good – Good – Fair – Poor

  2. We determine as much information as we can from Front and Back of the Postcard

Buy Chuckwagon racing Wyoming
Buy Chuckwagon racing Wyoming

Beginner's Guide - How Much is my Postcards Worth 1

  1. We enter that description into the search bar in eBay Marketplace

How Much is my Postcard worth - chuck wagon racing
How Much is my Postcard worth – Chuck Wagon Racing
  1. This will bring up any similar postcards that are available – we then look for a match

Notice we found couple of close matches

  1. If we find a match – then we look at asking price-type of listing

    Pricing 2.99 – 9.00 is current card prices for sale

  1. We note how many of that same postcard is for Sale

  2. We then Apply filters to that Page and choose Sold/Completed Sales ( I believe it shows the last 90 days of Sales)

How much is my postcard Worth - Completed Listing
How much is my postcard Worth – Completed Listing
  1. If one like it has sold it will be in Green Color and that will give us what the selling Price sold for – Whether it was an  auction (people Bidding) or sold for Buy it Now Price

How much is my postcard Worth - Completed Listing
How much is my postcard Worth – Completed Listing
  1. We now have our market price

One just like it sold for 5.24 on October 13, 2019 – they were asking 6.98  That was a Buy it Now Price (That was two months ago – There are also a couple still for sale which says there is not High Demand for them or they would have been sold, quickly.



Now if we cannot find any like it we will Move to

  • Etsy

  • Amazon

  • Bonanza

  • Google

If we still cannot locate a similar card we will then begin researching that card  from other sources

  • The Postcard Price Guide – JL Mashburn

  • The Artist Signed Price Guide

  • Fantasy Postcards

These are all older guides – late 1990’s but you can determine the

  • Authors

  • Publishers

  • Dates

  • Whether it was part of a series – or a set

from there you can check Postcard Appraisal Companies

People have also asked us about

Selling Postcards to make Money

There are many Vintage Postcard Dealers on all the Marketplace Platforms

Some of the factors that are influential to making profits

  • Current Demand

  • Listing Fees

  • Shipping Fees

  • Patience

  • It takes us about 15 minutes to load a listing – that is 4 cards an hour

  • We then put it in protective Sleeve

  • Assign it an inventory number

  • Place it in Inventory until it sells

  • We try to ship within 24 hours, collectors are anxious to get their treasures

  • Some of our Cards have been listed for over 4 years without selling – so much depends on the special card that the Collector needs to add to his collection

  • You will not sell all your postcards

  • After a while you begin to get a feeling which ones sell better than others

  • Terapeak service that comes with eBay says the average card sells – 4-6 dollars ( this is an average Combining the .99 cent cards averaged with the more valuable cards)

This a Young Couple (Scavenger Life) that has a Business that they Take Items that people have trashed and they recycle them through their eBay Store – They do a regular Podcast to a loyal group of Followers that run eBay Businesses.  During this Podcast they Interviewed

John – from Popeye’s Postcards – John has been selling Vintage Postcards since the Mis 1990’s – He has a wealth of Experience and describes his Experience Running a Retail Postcard Business – he does it very well.

scavenger life selling postcards
Scavengerlife Selling Old Postcards on eBay




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