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History Of Australia With More Emphasis On The 1850s Till Date

There is no doubt that a sound knowledge of one’s historical origin is key to everyone. The history of a place gives you a brief idea of what this country has been through, the stages that connect Australia from its past origin to the present. In order words, Australian history tends to connect with the now Australia. In this article, we shall be placing more emphasis on the factors and historical antecedents of Australia between the years 1788 to 1850s date. This is so because these periods cover the early period that transcends to today’s Australian society.

Historical Periods In Australia

Here we focus on two major periods that is:

  • White Invasion Period
  • The Period Of Free Settlers and Convicts


The Period Of White Invasion-The Early Arrival Of The First Fleet Of British Ships

Australian history would be incomplete if we tend to isolate the early arrival of the first British ships in the year 1788 at New South Wales, Sydney. This paved way for the establishment of the penal colony, and the scientific exploration of the Australia continent. This later turns to the Australia colonies. European colonialization established a new dominant society in Australian in the area of indigenous Australian’s population. This period can also be referred to as the period of White Invasion or white settlement.

The white settlement period has since shaped the existence of Australian society from where it was to the present-day Australian country. Although it was stated that one of the reasons for the British colonization of Australia was to reduce overpopulation in a British prison and wasn’t based on economic productivity.

The Period Of Free Settlers and Convicts

The first immigrant free settlers were brought on January 16th, 1793 through Bellona transport. Before this time, the immigrant was brought from the British prison system as it was stated earlier. But this set of free settlers came in based on what they can offer to develop Australia. This is not to reduce overpopulation as a site from the beginning, but to add economic value. For instance, Thomas Rose with four children and wife were given 120 acres for farming.

This brings about economic and agricultural productivity to Australian society. Others were also provided free grants on land for two years period, in which a certain number of convicts were allotted to them. The present-day Strathfield and Homebush were the area that was given to the free settlers. Though convicts receive harsh punishment and discipline. There was punishment for any convict who fails to work either by flogging or strict confinement like leg-irons.

In relationship to day’s reality in Australian society, this period conditions today’s economic development. The socio-economic growth and development that is seen today are orchestrated by the free settlers and convicts’ period in Australian historical antecedent.

These periods connote the early stage of Australian creation that led to today’s society. This period has made the country to be seen today as a strong global nation to reckon with. This is so because of the current economic, socio and political structure.

Historical Factors That Are Visible In Present Day Australian Society

Here are some of the visible things that are still evident in Australia society today. This includes both not limited to the following:

  • Immigration
  • Economy Factor
  • Educational Factor
  • Religion Factor



Immigration has been an important factor in Australia history to date. Immigration is an important factor in both the past and presents Australian society. The national identity is majorly based on immigration. A large number of settlers as made their way to Australia through Clipper, Steamer and presently through the air to seek better fortune and different opportunities. Though at the beginning there was no airplane to long-distance travel, it was basically clipper and steamer. But at the 1970s the journey to Australia became smooth.

Despite the long existence of immigration from the first fleet of British settlers, down to the free settlers, to the significant increase from Asian settlers to present-day Australian immigration policy. The historical antecedence of Australia cannot be separated from immigration, because Australian national identity majorly originated from immigration.

Economy Development And Growth

The Australian colonies relied on imports from England for sustenance and survival. This period Australian businesses flourishes which translated into present-day economic dispensation. The period of the 1780s to the 1850s as since seen a dramatic change in the Australian economy. This growth goes beyond economic, political, social and human capital.

Educational Factor

The present modern educational height in Australian is attributed to these historical periods. The period of the first fleet or white settlement and other gathered experiences bring about the mixed academic advancement in Australian today. There is no argument that Australian education remains one of the best around the world. This is one of the reasons why most immigrants tend to travel to Australia for their desired degrees.


The present-day Christianity in Australian is a result of the historical formation of Australian society. The indigenous people were engaging in rituals. But the presence of Christianity can be traced back to the arrival of the first fleet of the British settlers in Sydney. Church of England is one of the predominant churches in Australia. This is because of the first fleet of convicts where Catholic. Up to date, religion like Christianity plays a major role in Australia’s economic, socio, political development.


On the final note, the history of Australia origin cannot be discussed without a proper discourse on the major events that took place around the 1850s to date. As we pointed out at the beginning, there are several areas, conditions, events that took place within these periods that brought about the present-day Australian Society. The periods and factors listed above are some of the major events that usher in today’s Australian economic, political, social, reality. No doubt that the modern Australian immigration policy originated from its historical origin. Right from the period of first fleet British settlers, Asian settlers, free settlers and more. This immigration experience brings about their national identity

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