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California Postcards Locator (Helpful Illustrated Guide) W / Pricing

California Postcards Locator (Helpful Illustrated Guide) W / Pricing

This articles contains several Postcards Research Tools for Locating, determining Value, and Acquiring.  God Bless Darlene

  • California Postcards from Her Major Cities

California City Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth

California Cities PostcardsAverage $$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million Cards
Los Angeles$ 5.49$ 92.00 / 1.0017,546Los Angeles Postcards
San Diego$ 3.25$ 125.00 / .179,030San Diego Postcards
San Jose$ 5.00$ 125.00 / .992,240San Jose Postcards
San Francisco$ 6.63$ 895.00 / 2.9525,378San Francisco Postcards
Fresno$ 4.99$ 78.00 / 1.001,188Fresno Postcards
Sacramento$ 2.92$ 174.95 / .992,489Sacramento Postcards
Long Beach$ 4.95$ 89.25 / .295,797Long Beach Postcards
Oakland$ 5.99$ 125.99 / .174,673Oakland Postcards
Bakersfield$ 4.24$ 56.56 / .11666Bakersfield Postcards
Anaheim$ 4.23$ 162.50 / .991,125Anaheim Postcards
Santa Ana$ 3.00$ 104.50 / .17525Santa Ana Postcards
Riverside$ 6.99$ 306.97 / 4.626,287Riverside Postcards
Stockton$ 3.59$ 49.56 / .501,448Stockton Postcards
Irvine$ 7.00$ 82.00 / .06229Irvine Postcards
Chula Vista$ 3.00# 12.00 / .50245Chula Vista Postcards
California Vintage Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth
Table Shows Type of Postcards, average cost, Hi-lo Cost, and eBay Link to the desired search
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Dollar Amounts are Ebays Actual Sold Amounts - Not asking Price
  • History of Early California Captured on Postcards

    • Mexican Rule – 1821

      • Independence from Spain in 1821 she was given land as a gift the what we would know now is the land of California as part of her territory.  Originally when Spain owned the land and they would give people gigantic land grants to own ranches, When  Mexico took over it did not do anything to change the government or the structure they just let it continue that same way it had been before.   During this time there was not much government authority, or Law,   taking place in the early days in California, same as when well It was being ruled by Mexico.
      • Ranches were Mighty at that time.   Here the Ranchers would hire hands called vaqueros, many of them were Indians,  that they hired to help run the ranches and also to maintain security in an area that had a lot of Indian raiding taking place.  In 1864 the total population in what we know now is California was around 10,000 inside California,  the population was very small and there was a lot of crime there was a lot of cattle rustling at the ranches is that we’re raising livestock.
      • The increase in population in California began in several different ways,  many immigrants came from overseas flooding into their shores for the work, and everything that took place from the United States across the Oregon trail people from the East in the United States came for Free lands that were being given so that people would homestead in California.   It was a very hard, dangerous, long journey.  They would come all way across the United States by oxen my wagon to get the land that was being given out as grants.
      • Is the time in 1846,  that we have the legend of the Donner family, they came across the organ trail and got stranded in the winter and stuck in the snow this is where they survived by cannibalism, to survive while they were snow, winter stranded.  During this time there was tremendous trading of furs and Pelts, that took place back across the United States and also back to ships loaded up to take them back to your Europe.
      • This time not a lot of people were raising the cattle for beef,  they were raising cattle for the hides, that was such a tremendous trade commodity during that time mostly the ranchers, not Vacueros workers, that raised and moved the large herds of livestock.   At that Time Beef was not being sold as a gigantic food source it is now.   At this time. there was a great influx of Mexican people coming up from Mexico to move into California for the cattle ranching business.
      • Mexico at this time had tremendous political problems, there were internal wars fighting for control and domination of Mexico especially around Mexico City.   this resulted in it left California by itself in without much oversight from the Mexican government law made in this time because of the warfare taking place in Mexico,  you had more and more people moving up North to California flee from it.
    • Goldrush – 1849

      • Originally I believe James Sutter was the one who discovered the first gold, that initiated the gold rush.   He had a water mill and from the downstream of his mill, He noticed that there was gold that was in the stream and from their group grew into the gold rush.   He tried to keep the gold discovery a secret destroy that he discovered gold a secret but slowly the word slipped out and then the rush was on.
      • Prior to the gold rush in 1849 actually the Mexicans had found Gold in the 1820-1830s.  Mexico found that before, in small quantities in it was here in the 1840s that they realize that gold was in abundance in large massive quantity California and began the gold rush all across the United States California.   in 1849 there was a great optimistic surge for everyone to become wealthy by panning and mining for gold.  This was such a powerful turning event in the history of California then actually shape California and also shaped a lot of the historic United States has it pivoted around this gigantic event.
      • Actually, for gold mining and panning, most people did not make much money in the finding of gold,  where the profit was made in providing Daily Products for existence commodity items.  These were very much  needed to take care of the families and the farmers,   that had moved out in that quest.   Towns sprung up prostitution, took place, supplies were needed food needed to be provided these are the people  were the ones that were really making money during the days of the gold rush.   Not so much the gold miners in the panners that were looking for the gold strikes.  They were far rarer than being the norm when looking back in history.
      • Who is the lure of quick money that attracted so many people to California during that time?  This desire for the rich mineral wealth had many adverse consequences to it it would rape the land mining would destroy the land that was there Indian populations that used to own the land would be destroyed or killed off just to stay out of the way battles and death would take place in fighting over and lands and claims and gold mines.   Mistreatment of laborers sometimes immigrants many times Indians were very rampant at that time.
      •   Most are made major impacts of the gold rush,  during those days was not necessarily the wealth that was acquired.   But it was the transfer population from the eastern United States all the way over to the West coast greatly increasing the number of people that were living on that side of the United States greatly expanding the population in spreading it out across the United States.
    • California Becomes 31st State -1850

      • right now how California is the most populated state in the United States I believe it has the fifth largest income in the world so it’s really a powerful state.  The Goldrush laid the foundation for this that hundreds of thousands of people had California to discover their riches in gold and this left a large population in California that was ready for statehood.  That sounds it originally started because of the gold rush came supply depots and great product receiving port that would take care of the large population that now lives there so it changes from seeking minerals go to one of products and resources and distribution to the population that was now there.  1850 that year California became admitted to the United States and became the United States 31st state.   It went immediately to stay hood not be coming to republic first in Sacramento was made its first capital.  By 1860 they begin building a new statehouse and they model it after the one in Washington DC the White House.
      • On top of the current date count courthouse there is a golden dome on…remind .any people to the state of California.  This is also how it got its nickname the Golden State.
    • Film Capital of World – the 1900s

      • As we have seen in studying postcards, originally were done in hand-painted in then his technology increased, we saw a printing take place and we saw photos of scenes being made it to the postcard and you could see the progress progression as time went on the same thing has taken place in the film capital.    As technology increase in people being able to see people on a television screen, now have been able to hear people on television being able to change channels and have a variety greatly impacted Hollywood in California in the rest of the United States in a powerful way.
      • Mass communication had taken place in the development of the invention of the TV set and communications as we see in Hollywood.  Hollywood really change because it was popular during the silent area when just the visual area films are being able to be seen but once sound came on the same Hollywood was changed forever.  Movie companies formed in each had their own actors and they had their own characteristics of the films that they were producing as this beginning industry took off.  Color film starting taking place widescreen higher definition all this affected the quality and also the amount of viewing that was taking place in the United States over the newly formed industry um filmmaking.   It was called the Golden age of Hollywood.
      • Charlie Chaplin Clark Gable Wizard of Oz all films that change the history and Hollywood.  During the 1920s the depression hit the United States and people were out of work everywhere starvation was taking place in there was just a very difficult situation I in the United States but it was not the same in Hollywood Hollywood during this time continue to thrive be continue to make more movies available to the public.  bring the depression actually more fi…TV big-screen movies are taking place.  They were making approximately 800 Films a Year.  Today we are Making approximately 500 Per year.
      • Movies are an escape from reality there an illusion and during the time when times were so hard here in the United States many people wanted to escape the reality that they were faced with in they would go to the movies and be able to enjoy and watch things that would lift their spirits and encourage them in very difficult times.  Musicals westerns history all type of movies music dance move so many were making the screens at that time.
      • Large Filmmaking Companies in California

        • MGM

        • Paramount Pictures

        • Warner Brothers

        • 20th Century Fox

        • RKO

        • Technology

        • Color – initially-hand Tinting each Frame ( we saw this also as we studied Postcards Processes)
        • Stencils for Coloring
        • Bathing for Color
        • Toning – Matching Mood, sorrow, happiness, etc
        • Technicolor – 1922
        • Aspect Ratio
        • Experiments with Cinerama
        • Cinema Scope
    • Ocean Shore Railroad – 1905

    • San Francisco Earthquake – 1906

    • Women’s Rights – 1911

      • do is a 30 year period between 1890 in 1920 that is in lightmen about women’s rights we came to come to the forefront.  Some call it the Women’s era.  It was during this time that women had greater economic possibilities and also political possible in this area of years.  They could now own property, control their wages,   by 1900 over 5 million women at entering the workforce.  working for wages in light manufacturing areas.
      • Who is at this time. that the implicit we came on trying to get women the right to vote.  During that time they were trying to pass prohibition,  mission of making drinking of alcohol illegal and they greatly needed enough votes to do that in many vote women voted against for that so that was another reason that pushes them into the limelight as far as being able to vote because they wanted to pass the articles of prohibition.  Who is also at this time that women became entering colleges and getting degrees and expanding their educational opportunities which push them into many political situations and also advance him in the running of companies corporations.
    • Ocean Beach Esplanades Highway – 1929

    • United Nations Charter – 1945

      • after a 9 week meeting in San Francisco in California delegates from all over the world Matt to sign inform the United Nations charter in 1945 under President Truman.  President Truman flies in and meets with all the heads of the delegations I believe like 49 different delegation met with him on the day of sign. of the charter, the leaders of many nations.    After this signing president, Truman took a tour of the city of San Francisco the first sensor and chief executive had done in 7 years.  Over a half-million Californians turned out to watch the president’s motorcade that day.
      • 63 days of meetings were climaxed on that day by the signing of the un’s nation United Nations charter night.  China was the first to sign.  Russia signs.  England signs why Lord Halifax.  United States was number 38 out of 50 to sign on that day.  It happened called the day of the charter of World Peace.  Pattiann president Truman address the 280 delicate can encourage them in the direction of and hope of world peace.  A solid structure which we all can build for a better world
    • 1906 Earthquake San Francisco

      • today when you go through San Francisco and you look at all the streets and the way the buildings or develop it you can see jag antic Hills and low spot 10 places where the ground is raised up and lowered in it just shows evidence that in times past but there’s been a lot of earthquake activity in the California area raising and lowering the dirt.  Time people were not that familiar with earthquakes phone on April 18th, 1906 in major 18 San Francisco in California.  5:12 in the morning the earthquake San Francisco had a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale.
      • Roads were torn in 2 buildings that were never designed for any type of earthquakes fell apart and crumbled as an earth show.  City Hall which had been built in lightness to the White House took 25 years to build in it just took minutes for the earthquake to completely destroy it.  Fires rage through the city because many gas lines were ruptured and then it just took a small spark to ignite them as fires roaring ever.  There were approximately 50 small fires that it started at the onslaught of the earthquake but as time went on the fires raise for about 3 days and the 50 fires turned into one main fire down in the middle San Francisco and completely wiped out the inside this business district and many of the surrounding areas because of fires were so great.  After 3 days of raging, fire fires did eventually burn themselves out.
      • Over 80% of the city was left in ruins.  At that time the appointment of professor Lawson from Berkeley University to study the cause of the earthquake and try to figure out what cause open till that point they had all thought that the San Andreas Fault had been caused by the earthquake let because of his detailed research and study of the disastrous event baby can understand that the Andreas fault was there prior to the earthquake.
      • Much of the beginning of knowledge that we have understanding earthquakes started at this point because of the details studies are taking place from then on engineers and scientists would study earthquakes and what caused them especially from what happened in 1906.  This report was called the Lawson report and even today gives a lot of benefit in helping to predict where it likes earthquakes might take place.  The knowledge that they received from studying that disaster today they are designing buildings and roads and bridges with the understanding the earthquakes might take place making them stronger and more earthquake are resistant.


California Major Events Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth

California Major Historical Events PostcardsAverage $$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million Cards
Mexican Rule - 1821$ 4.49$ 149.00 / 1.0015,174Mexico Postcards
GoldRush - 1849$ 4.00$ 14.85 / 1.0091California Goldrush Postcards
Becomes 31st State - 185000385California Statehood
Film Capital - 1900's$ 4.99$ 149.00 / .993,426California Movie Postcards
Ocean Shore railroad - 1905$ 4.47$ 17.39 / 3.474Ocean Shore Railroad Postcards
San Franscisco Earthquake - 1906$ 6.49$ 37.85 / .751,242San Franscisco Earthquake Postcards
Womens Rights - 1911000California Womens Rights Postcards
Ocean Beach Esplanade’s Highway - 1929$ 7.99$ 118.50 / 7.9935Ocean Beach Esplanades Highway Postcards
United Nations Charter - 1945$ 1.00$ 1.85 / .354United Nations Charter Postcards
Gay rights Movement - 1965$ 4.00$ 8.50 / .996Gay Rights Postcards
California Major Historical Vintage Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth
Table Shows Type of Postcards, average cost, Hi-lo Cost, and eBay Link to the desired search
It will show you Current Listings
Dollar Amounts are Ebays Actual Sold Amounts - Not asking Price



  • Museums

    • there is a very large amount of museums in the state of California the state is so rich in history especially pertaining not only the state of California but also  Mexico and the total United States but they stayed has many museums we have made a chart that is listing those museums the city that they are in and also some of the items that are in them in those museums are there and we’ve listed 145 of them for you look at.

Postcards of Museums in California

Name of California MuseumsCities in CaliforniaType of MuseumSummary of History of MuseumNumber of PostcardsEbay link to 4 Million Postcards
Aerospace Museum of CaliforniaNorth HighlandsAviationLocated on the grounds of the former McClellan Air Force Base, displays of military and civilian aircraft as well as space vehicle replicas
Alpine County MuseumMarkleevilleOpen airwebsite, complex includes the main museum building with local history exhibits, Old Webster Schoolhouse, Markleeville Log Jail, carriage shed, and historic silver ore stamp mill
Amador County MuseumJacksonLocal historyOperated by the Amador County Historical Society, mid 19th-century home with local history displays including gold mining, clothing, period rooms, Native American and Chinese American collections, Kenndy and North Star Mines models[1][2]
Amador Whitney MuseumAmador CityLocal historywebsite
Angels Camp MuseumAngels CampLocal historyIncludes carriages, mining equipment, minerals, household items
Bale Grist Mill State Historic ParkSt. HelenaMillThe historic mill is open on weekends
Bernhard Museum ComplexAuburnHistoric houseIncludes the Victorian Bernhard residence with period rooms, wine storage building and wine processing building with wine-making exhibits, and a barn with horse-drawn vehicles and blacksmith area
Blue Line ArtsRosevilleArtwebsite, art center with galleries, works of regional and national artists
Bodie State Historic ParkBodieOpen airGhost town mining camp
Bohart Museum of EntomologyDavisNatural historyLive and mounted insect displays, also a research museum of the University of California, Davis
Borax MuseumFurnace CreekMiningLocated at the Oasis at Death Valley, borax mining tools and equipment, minerals, models of Twenty-mule team wagon trains
C Gibson Museum & Cultural CenterMiddletownLocal History[1] Geology, native American, mining, and pioneer history.
C.N. Gorman MuseumDavisArtwebsite, contemporary Native American and indigenous art, part of the University of California, Davis, also known as Carl M. Gorman Museum
Calaveras County MuseumSan AndreasLocal historyOperated by the Calaveras County Historical Society, located in the former Calaveras County Courthouse, Jail Yard, and Hall of Records
California Automobile MuseumSacramentoAutomobileFormerly the Towe Auto Museum, over 170 classic cars, race cars, muscle cars, hot rods, early models and automotive memorabilia
California MuseumSacramentoHistoryFormerly known as the Golden State Museum, includes the California Hall of Fame, exhibits on important people and aspects of California including California Indians, missions, women, California Constitution, health
California State Capitol MuseumSacramentoCapitolMuseum in the Capitol, tours, history of the state government
California State Indian MuseumSacramentoNative AmericanThemes of nature, spirit and family
California State Mining and Mineral MuseumMariposaMiningLocated at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds, gold mining
California State Railroad MuseumSacramentoRailroadFeatures 21 restored locomotives and railroad cars, exhibits, summer heritage railroad rides on the Sacramento Southern Railroad
Carnegie Museum (Roseville, California)RosevilleLocal historywebsite, operated by the Roseville Historical Society, located in a Carnegie library building
Carolyn Parr Nature CenterNapaNatural historywebsite, located in Westwood Hills Park, features natural history museum
Center for Contemporary Art, SacramentoSacramentoArtwebsite
Chew Kee Store MuseumFiddletownHistory1855 Chinese herb shop, operated by the Fiddletown Preservation Society[3]
Chinese American Museum of Northern CaliforniaMarysvilleEthnic - Chinesewebsite, Chinese participation in the gold rush
Chinese Association MuseumLockeEthnic - ChineseHistory of the Chinese in Locke, culture[4]
Columbia State Historic ParkColumbiaLivingCalifornia Gold Rush town with living history demonstrations
Community Memorial Museum of Sutter CountyYuba CityLocal history
Crocker Art MuseumSacramentoArtEarly California art, Old Master drawings, Asian art, international ceramics
Dai Loy MuseumLockeHistoryFormer Chinese gambling house[4]
di RosaNapaArtwebsite, art galleries and outdoor sculpture on a nature preserve
Discovery Museum Science & Space CenterSacramentoSciencewebsite, themes include space, solar system, nature, building new facility to be known as the Powerhouse Science Center
Don & June Salvatori California Pharmacy MuseumSacramentoMedicalPharmacy artifacts, located at the California Pharmacists Association headquarters[5]
Donner Memorial State ParkTruckeeHistoryIncludes the Emigrant Trail Museum with exhibits on local Native Americans, the Donner Party and builders of the transcontinental railroad
Downieville MuseumDownievilleLocal history[6]
Eastern California MuseumIndependenceLocal historywebsite, includes Native American baskets and artifacts, fossils and exhibits of local history, artifacts from the Manzanar World War II Internment Center
El Dorado County Historical MuseumPlacervilleLocal historywebsite, Native American baskets, gold mining equipment, farm tools, household items
ElmshavenSt. HelenaReligiousHome of Ellen G. White whose ministry was instrumental in founding the seventh-day Sabbatarian Adventist movement
Empire Mine State Historic ParkGrass ValleyMiningAttractions include a mining museum, an Edwardian estate house, and a mine with living history demonstrations
ExploritDavisSciencewebsite, regional hands-on science center
Folsom History MuseumFolsomLocal historywebsite, operated by the Folsom Historical Society, exhibits about Folsom's native people, the discovery of gold and the formation of mining camps, ethnic groups who contributed to this area, the formation of the town, railroad, prison, powerhouse, and later efforts at gold mining
Folsom Powerhouse State Historic ParkFolsomTechnologyHistoric 1890s hydroelectric power plant
Folsom Prison MuseumFolsomLaw enforcementwebsite, history of Folsom Prison
Folsom Railroad MuseumFolsomRailroadwebsite, operated by the Folsom, El Dorado & Sacramento Historical Railroad Association
Forest Hill Divide MuseumForesthillMiningwebsite, includes mining museum, a reconstructed livery stable/blacksmith shop, and the original Foresthill Jail
Fountain & Tallman MuseumPlacervilleLocal historyOperated by the El Dorado County Historical Society
Gatekeeper’s MuseumTahoe CityLocal historywebsite, operated by the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, includes Marion Steinbach Indian Basket Museum
Gold Bug Park & MinePlacervilleMiningwebsite, includes Hattie's Museum with mining exhibits, Gold Bug Mine to tour, Meagher House for natural history education, Hendy Stamp Mill
Gold Country MuseumAuburnMiningArea gold mining and local history
Golden Drift MuseumDutch FlatLocal historywebsite, influence of hydraulic mining, lumber and railroads in the area
Governor's Mansion State Historic ParkSacramentoHistoric houseFormer mansion of the governors of California
Grass Valley MuseumGrass ValleyLocal historyIncludes furniture, art, objects d’art, clothing, musical instruments and artifacts of the Victorian era
Grass Valley Video History MuseumGrass ValleyLocal historyHistorical film footage locally and from around the world[7]
Griffith Quarry MuseumPenrynIndustryLocal granite industry
Groveland Yosemite Gateway MuseumGrovelandLocal historywebsite, operated by the Southern Tuolumne County Historical Society
Hattie Weber MuseumDavisLocal historywebsite, operated by the Yolo County Historical Society, includes dolls from many countries and eras, textiles, books
Hayden CabinMammoth LakesHistoric housewebsite, operated by the Southern Mono Historical Society, also known as Mammoth Museum, four-room log cabin with original 1930s furnishings
Heidrick Ag History CenterWoodlandAgriculturewebsite, antique agricultural equipment
Hellman-Ehrman MansionTahomaHistoric housewebsite, located in Ed Z'berg Sugar Pine Point State Park, early 20th-century summer lodge house
Historic Courthouse MuseumLakeportLocal History[2] Old county courthouse, Native American and pioneer history
Historic Firehouse No. 1 MuseumNevada CityLocal historyOperated by the Nevada County Historical Society
Historic Schoolhouse MuseumLower LakeLocal History[3] Old schoolhouse, Native American and pioneer history
Home of Lola MontezGrass ValleyLocal historyHouses the town's chamber of commerce, visitor center and local history museum
Imperial Valley College Art GalleryImperialArtJuanita Salazar Lowe Gallery[8]
Imperial Valley Desert MuseumOcotilloMultiplewebsite, Native American, archaeological and historic artifacts
Indian Grinding Rock State Historic ParkPine GroveNative AmericanIncludes Chaw'se Regional Indian Museum
Inyo Council for the Arts GalleryBishopArtChanging exhibits of area art
James Calvin Sly MuseumPollock PinesLocal historyLocated in Sly Park Recreation Area, named for James Calvin Sly[9][10][11]
Kennedy MineJacksonMiningGold mine structures
Kentucky Mine MuseumSierra CityMiningwebsite, operated by the Sierra County Historical Society, working gold mine with operating stamp mill
KidZone MuseumTruckeeChildren'swebsite, formerly the Sierra Nevada Children's Museum
Lake Tahoe Historical Society MuseumSouth Lake TahoeLocal historywebsite
Laws Railroad Museum and Historic SiteBishopOpen airOperated by the Bishop Museum & Historical Society, collection of 19th century buildings with historical exhibits, railroad cars and equipment
Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic ParkSacramentoHistoric houseVictorian mansion restored to 1872 appearance
Locke Boarding House and Visitor's CenterLockeLocal historyOffers tours of the historic community[4]
Locke Chinese SchoolLockeSchoolFormer Chinese school[4]
Lone Pine Film History MuseumLone PineMediawebsite, movie history of Lone Pine, Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra areas; officially known as the Beverly and Jim Rogers Museum of Lone Pine Film History
Maidu Museum & Historic SiteRosevilleMultipleNatural and cultural history, including exhibits on Native Californians and the interdependence of nature and culture
Malakoff Diggins State Historic ParkNevada CityMiningIncludes mining museum and deserted mining town
Mammoth Ski MuseumMammoth LakesSportsArt, culture and artifacts related to skiing[12]
Manzanar National Historic SiteIndependenceHistorySite of one of ten camps where over 110,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II
Mariposa Museum & History CenterMariposaLocal historywebsite, cultural history of Mariposa County, including Miwok display, gold mining equipment, miner's cabin, saloon, one-room school
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic ParkColomaOpen airIncludes Gold Discovery Museum and Visitor Center, 20 historic buildings including mining, house, school, and store exhibits
Mary Aaron MuseumMarysvilleHistoric houseVictorian-era house, exhibits of local history
Milton Gottardi Loyalton MuseumLoyaltonLocal historyIncludes displays on logging, agriculture, Washoe Indians, fraternal organizations[13]
Mono Basin History MuseumLee ViningLocal historywebsite, operated by the Mono County Historical Society, located in a historic schoolhouse, Native American artifacts, gold mining implements, local history and culture, Nellie Bly's legendary Upside-Down House, farming and mining equipment
Mono Basin National Forest Scenic Area Visitor CenterLee ViningNatural historyGeology and wildlife of Mono Lake
Mono County MuseumBridgeportLocal historyOperated by the Mono County Historical Society[14]
Monteverde Store MuseumSutter CreekHistoryHistoric country store with historic items, open by appointment[15]
Murphys Old Timers MuseumMurphysLocal historywebsite
Museum of History in GraniteFelicityHistorywebsite, outdoor granite panels depicting humanity's history[16][17]
Museum of Medical HistorySacramentoMedicalwebsite, collections in the fields of surgery, clinical diagnosis, infectious disease, pharmacy, radiology, Chinese medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, medical quackery, operated by the Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society
Museum of Sierra Ski History and 1960 Winter OlympicsTahoe CitySportsArea ski history from its beginnings through the 1960 Winter Olympics
Museum of the Forgotten WarriorsMarysvilleMilitarywebsite, uniforms, helicopters, photographs, medals, military memorabilia
Napa County Historical SocietyNapaLocal historyLocated in the Goodman Library; Jess Doud Memorial Room hosts several exhibitions each year
Napa Firefighters MuseumNapaFirefightingwebsite
Napa Valley MuseumYountvilleMultiplewebsite, art, history, natural history of Napa Valley, including local Native American and wine-making history
Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad MuseumNevada CityRailroadOperated by the Nevada County Historical Society
New Melones Visitor Center and MuseumSonoraLocal historyHistoric, natural and cultural history of the area around New Melones Lake
North Star Mine and Powerhouse & Pelton Wheel MuseumGrass ValleyMiningHundreds of mining artifacts and machinery, operated by the Nevada County Historical Society; also called the Grass Valley Mining Museum or the Northstar Mining Museum
Northern Mariposa County History CenterCoultervilleLocal historywebsite, pioneers, mining, Chinese immigrants, John Muir
Old Jail Museum (Truckee, California)TruckeePrisonwebsite, operated by the Truckee - Donner Historical Society, 19th-century jail with exhibits of local history
Old Sacramento Schoolhouse MuseumSacramentoSchoolwebsite, late 19th-century period one room schoolhouse
Old Sacramento State Historic ParkSacramentoMultipleIncludes Old Sacramento Interpretive Center, Wells Fargo History Museum, Sacramento History Museum, Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum, several historic buildings and more
Owens Valley Paiute Shoshone Cultural Center-MuseumBishopNative AmericanArtifacts and antiquities from the Numa (Paiute) and Newe (Shoshone) Nations
Pioneer Yosemite History CenterWawonaOpen airHistoric structures from different eras of Yosemite’s history[18]
Pioneers' Park MuseumImperialLocal historywebsite, operated by the Imperial County Historical Society, exhibits include county history, ethnic groups, agriculture, cattle, military, culture
Placer County MuseumAuburnLocal historywebsite, includes courthouse and sheriff's exhibits, Native America art, gold country exhibits
Preston CastleIonePrisonTours of the former reform school
Rae House MuseumGaltHistoric house19th-century house with period displays, dolls, local history exhibits, operated by the Galt Area Historical Society, open by appointment[19]
Railtown 1897 State Historic ParkJamestownRailroadSeasonal steam and diesel-powered train rides, 1920s locomotive roundhouse, machine shop and related exhibits
Red Barn MuseumSan AndreasLocal historywebsite, operated by the Calaveras County Historical Society, features agriculture, mining, logging, and ranching artifacts, tools and equipment
Reiff's Antique Gas Station Automotive MuseumWoodlandTransportation1950s cars, automobile memorabilia, antiques and car culture
Richard Nelson GalleryDavisArtwebsite, part of the University of California, Davis
Robert Louis Stevenson MuseumSt. HelenaBiographicalwebsite, devoted to author Robert Louis Stevenson[20]
Rocklin History MuseumRocklinLocal historywebsite, operated by the Rocklin Historical Society, mining, railroads, ranching
Roseville Telephone MuseumRosevilleTechnologywebsite, antique telephones and memorabilia, open by appointment
Roseville Utility Exploration CenterRosevilleSciencewebsite, environmental learning center including energy efficiency, renewable technology, water conservation and recycling
Sacramento Children's MuseumRancho CordovaChildren's
Sacramento History MuseumSacramentoLocal historyIncludes California Gold Rush, agriculture, community, gold panning. Home of the Underground Tours of Old Sacramento.
Sacramento Valley MuseumWilliamsLocal historyIncludes carriages, mining equipment, minerals, household items
San Diego State University Imperial Valley Campus Art GalleryCalexicoArtSteppling Art Gallery[21]
Scotty's CastleHistoric houseAlso known as Death Valley Ranch, 1930s period mansion, located in northern Death Valley National Park
Sharpsteen MuseumCalistogaLocal historywebsite, history of the upper Napa Valley, along with the career memorabilia of founder Ben Sharpsteen (an animator for Walt Disney Studios)
Shenandoah Valley MuseumPlymouthAgricultureWine-making and farming[22]
Shoshone MuseumShoshoneLocal historyFacebook site, area geology, wildlife, Native American culture and folklore
Sierra College Natural History MuseumRocklinNatural historywebsite, part of Sierra College, mammals mounts, animal skeletons, fossils, insects
Sierra Nevada Logging MuseumArnoldIndustryHistory of logging in the Sierra Nevada area
Sutter's Fort State Historic ParkSacramentoMilitaryIncludes reconstructed mid 19th-century period Sutter's Fort and the California State Indian Museum
Tahoe Maritime MuseumHomewoodMaritimeIncludes maritime craft in service at Lake Tahoe, history of boating at Lake Tahoe, outboard motor collection, aquaplanes, water skis, fishing exhibits
Tallac Historic SiteSouth Lake TahoeOpen airFormer rustic resort, includes Baldwin Museum, a former estate with exhibits on the significance of the estate families and the Washoe Tribe, the Pope Estate, the Valhalla Estate and several outbuildings[23][24]
Tuolumne City Memorial MuseumTuolumneLocal historyExhibits on pioneers, household and kitchen items, clothing, gold mining, lumber company and model train layout
Tuolumne County MuseumSonoraLocal historywebsite, housed in an old jail, operated by the Tuolumne County Historical Society
UC Davis Design MuseumDavisDesignwebsite, includes architecture, costume, graphic design, textiles, new media and popular culture, part of the University of California, Davis
Underground Gold Miners MuseumAlleghanyMiningwebsite, open by appointment and for events
United States Bicycling Hall of FameDavisSportsFormerly located in New Jersey, bicycling history, photos, trophies, medals, books, catalogs
VikingsholmSouth Lake TahoeHistoric house38-room mansion with Nordic influences
Watson Log CabinTahoe CityHistoric houseOperated by the North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, early 20th-century log cabin
Wells Fargo History MuseumSacramentoHistoryTwo locations in Sacramento, one in the Pony Express Terminal, the other in the Wells Fargo Center; history of Wells Fargo Express, California Gold Rush
West Sacramento Historical Society History GalleryWest SacramentoLocal historyExhibits in the West Sacramento Community Center[25]
Western SkiSport MuseumSoda SpringsSportswebsite, history of winter ski sports in the western United States, operated by the Auburn Ski Club in the winter
Yolo County Historical MuseumWoodlandHistoric houseAlso known as Gibson House, period rooms from the 1850s to the 1930s, also exhibits of local history
Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine RailroadFish CampRailroadHeritage railroad and historic log cabin
Yosemite MuseumYosemite National ParkNative AmericanHeritage and culture of the Ahwaneechee people who lived in the valley


  • Famous Amusement Parks

    • there are over 25 and musm and parks that are located in the state of California we are listing the major ones here in this art and we are also providing a research tool where you can locate postcards that are made from each of those amusement parks in California.
    • Knotts Berry Farm
    • Disney Land
    • Universal Studios
    • Disney California Adventure
    • Six Flags
    • Legoland
    • Sea World
    • Californias Great America
    • Santa Beach Boardwalk
    • Belmont Park
    • Adventure City
    • Gilroy Gardens
    • Castle Park
    • Boomerang Bay

California Amusement Parks Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth

California Amusement Parks PostcardsAverage $$ Hi - LoNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to Postcards
Over 4 Million Cards
Knotts Berry Farm - Buena Park$ 2.75$ 46.00 / .25302Knotts Berry Farm Postcards
Disney Land - Anaheim$ 4.75$ 302.83 / .254,478Disney Land Postcards
Universal Studios Hollywood$ 4.99$ 29.99 / .25430Universal Studios Postcards
Disney California Adventure Park$ 2.75$ 2,025 / 1.5410,043Disney Postcards
Six Flags Magic Mountain$ 3.75$ 11.91 / .49381Six Flags Postcards
Lego land$ 4.99$ 15.99 / .9113Lego land Postcards
Sea world$ 4.99$ 14.95 / .16456Sea world Postcards
California's Great America$ 10.00 / 1.0023California's Great America Postcards
Six Flag Discovery Kingdom$ 4.99$ 41.00 / .49369Six Flag Discovery Kingdom Postcards
Santa Beach Boardwalk$ 4.50$ 30.00 / 2.5062Santa Beach Boardwalk Postcards
Belmont Park - San Diego$ 3.99$ 36.00 / 1.2525Belmont Park Postcards
Pacific Park Santa Monica$ 6.99$ 124.95 / .64477Pacific Park Postcards
Adventure City - Stanton$ 5.00$ 5.002Adventure City Postcards
Gilroy Gardens Family - Gilroy$ 7.99$ 7.992Gilroy Gardens Postcards
Knotts Soak City -Buena Park3Knotts Soak City Postcards
Castle Park - Riverside$ 4.95$ 42.99 / .991,151Castle Park Postcards
Childrens Fairyland - Oakland$ 2.66$ 15.99 / 1.99142Childrens Fairyland Postcards
Bomerang Bay - Santa ClaritaBomerang Bay Postcards
Balboa Fun Zone - Newport Beach$ 1.41$ 1.4121Balboa Fun Zone Postcards
California Vintage Postcard Value Calculator - How Much is Postcard Worth
Table Shows Type of Postcards, average cost, Hi-lo Cost, and eBay Link to the desired search
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Dollar Amounts are Ebays Actual Sold Amounts - Not asking Price

California Observatory Postcards

Observatories in CaliforniaNumber of PostcardsEbay Link to 4 Million Postcards  
Lick Observatory159Lick Observatory Postcards
University of California Observatories1University of California Observatories
Mount Hamilton (California)4Mount Hamilton Observatory Postcards
Palomar Observatory91Palomar_Observatory Postcards
W. M. Keck Observatory4W. M. Keck Observatory Postcards
California Volcano Observatory2California Volcano Observatory Postcards
Owens Valley Radio Observatory3Owens Valley Radio ObservatoryPostcards
Griffith Observatory166Griffith_Observatory Postcards
International Latitude Observatory1International_Latitude_Observatory Postcards
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory1Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Postcards
Mauna Kea Observatories3Mauna Kea Observatory Postcards
Community Observatory4Community Observatory Postcards
National Astronomical Observatory (Mexico)1National Astronomical Observatory Postcards


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