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What do I do with My Old Postcards

what to do with my old box of postcards

Hi my Name is Darlene,

A Question we see you asked a lot is  “ What do I do with my old postcards “  we have spent a lot of time in visiting garage sales and flea markets and just places where people clean their houses our, especially during Spring Cleaning.  Maybe you found them in an old drawer, or you know maybe you inherited from your family that is passed on,  there re  just many different ways that box of Postcards will become apart of your belongings.

The best way that we have found for people, to sell in bulk, their old  post cards  with Collectors and Buyers,  is through the process of eBay.   You can take a box of old post cards, listed as a lot,  box ,  huge lot, and then put it on out  for auction.    You can choose to list it, as auction, or as a buy it now.

I have Outlined steps you need to be able to clean them out and make a few dollars at the same time.How to Sell Box of Postcards on Ebay

  • Open a sellers Account on Ebay

Ebays Home Page

  • Take Pictures of The Box of Cards you Have

    • Use Your Phone

    • Take Good Clear Pictures – this is what people are buying – you are allowed 12

  • Upload pictures

    • Describe the Box of cards, giving amount, size weight,

  • Set your shipping options

    • Be Careful Here several times we have had shipping cost more than the price of the things you are selling -trying to make a profit you can unknowingly – get in hole

    • Weigh, size of Box, insurance, and choose shipping method – check here USPS website to see actual Cost

USPS website pic

  • Choose your type of listing

    • Auction –  Caution – If you list Starting Price at .99 – and no one bids except one person you have to sell it at .99

    • what to do with my old box of postcardsIn the above pick you can see the seller set the Buy it now price at 189.99, and it is yours + shipping.  If you want to accept offers they will make you an offer and you can accept or do some Negotiating

      • Buy it Now

        • Best Offer

  • Post your Cards for Sale

  • When you sell your item, the $$ are  immediately added to your Paypal acct

  • We have a Paypal Debit Card – but we do alot of Business on Ebay and Paypal.

If  you try to sell boxes of postcards at a garage sale, or in the newspaper , is very difficult to have people browse through that are collectors. hard to make the connection between you and collectors,

You also need to be able to sell it  in a used marketplace, because these are all used items collector items and they need to be moved that way

Most of our experiences been learning through trial and error in using eBay for selling a post cards,    This has been the way we have found to sell a lot of cards Quickly with not a lot of Time involved.

if you want sell them individually

  • Take Clear Pictures of Both Sides of the Card

  • Finish your listing as you did above on the larger Lot

  • We have found it takes us approx 15 Minutes to load an individual Postcard.

When Listing on Ebay, you are exposed to their large amount of Shoppers in their marketplace, which is fantastic because it has many collectors that search it daily.    You then  have to wait to you find a person who is looking for that card to complete their collection, in so many times that could happen quickly, many times it just sits there and you have to patiently wait sometimes they never move.

We have cards that have sold within one hour of Listing, and others have not sold in 4 Years.

 Postcard Retailers frequently  are selling post cards.   Big Lots where you can buy a lot of them for a very discounted rate because they’ve not been able to sell them individually

Other Options Are:

  • Here where at in Ohio you can also put them on Craigslist, you can also put them on your Facebook marketplace, your Instagram marketplace.

  • You can also sell them on different marketplaces like Bonanza, or Etsy,  Amazon marketplace, but again then you need to figure out how much time it takes to load them and how much each listing cost you to keep up in the time that takes you to connect up with the collector that happens to be needing for that card

Many things that determine the value of a postcard , condition , scenes on front rarity, post date.   We have a Guide on how to Grade Postcards

The prices of postcards very individually,  I h ave seen them I have seen a record of one of them going for$45,370.00,  which is a great price for an older post card,  what we do is when I track on eBay or Amazon,  I try to look at the average price of their selling and you will see individual postcards going all the way down to $2 apiece up, till you know if it’s a rare postcard you know 30 – 40 dollars sometimes on auction, just depending on what the what the collector is looking for the time and how much competition there is for that card.

Once Sold,  you are working with postcard collectors, I would recommend that you package the boxes and ship them carefully.  What we do is  first   with bubble wrap and then I would take a rubber band snap around it to hold in place so they don’t move around.

Then We placed it in a box, then pack the box tightly with more bubble wrap bubble so that it doesn’t bounce back and forth in the box is it travels.   Then tape the box up securely when you take it to the post office,  you can  use  media mail,  if it  doesn’t need to go fast.

This is a Good Video from Scavenger Life on Selling Postcards on Ebay

scavenger life selling postcards
Scavengerlife Selling Old Postcards on Ebay


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