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Here is a List and Short Biography of Some of the Most Important Woman in Their Quest for Equality and Human Rights Throughout our Modern History

1905 Bertha von Suttner

Bertha becomes the first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize

Bertha had a deep belief that everybody could change they can all change for the better.  Her mother was a widow in she had gambled away their fortune so Bertha was penniless.  She went to work in Paris for the man who invented dynamite, Alfred Nobel.  She wrote a novel called lay down your arms describing how terrible the war was.  Who book became an instant success it was a bestseller all over the world are the United States in Europe also and because of the reputation that she got from the selling of that book he began to be listened to and have influence from all over the world.    She had great influence in her life over Alfred Nobel and he left and in his will the money that provides for the Nobel Peace Prize which is awarded for peaceful efforts of people trying to avoid war and conflict.

1911 First International Women’s Day

This day originally was created to celebrate the accomplishments in work in the politics of women around the world.  And also look at things that they still face across the face of the world globally.  Much of it originated with Clara Zeldin – a german woman who led women to be able to be allowed to work equally with a man, with that she asked for equal pay.  Feeling that is women could be allowed to enter the workforce.  That in itself would raise their standard of living.  The initial rally took place in New York in 1911 in it was all women suffrage March that thousands and thousands of women took part in that time that they had not been set for the international day yet.

1932 Alexandra Kollontai

She is appointed ambassador from the Soviet Union to Sweden. She was also considered the first woman ambassador.

She was the leading woman in Russian politics.   she has kicked out a politics.  After she publicly clashed with Lennon.  In a communist society men and women should be Equal.  She was the most vocal woman in all Russian politics.  She felt that communism was the best way to move forward on women’s rights, women’s family and children’s rights.  Even though there was difficulty with Lynn and she became one of the first women of ambassadors of Russia.  She died in 1952 in Moscow.

1945 Eleanor Roosevelt

After the Death of Teddy, Elanor becomes the American delegate for the recently formed United Nations. In 1946 she is elected as the head of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. She is instrumental and is chairperson of the committee for drafting the Declaration of Human Rights.

After World War 2 was finished there was a great universal desire in spirit for people to figure out how they could avoid the desire for peace in unity was great at that time.  The United States Eleanor Roosevelt was spearheading this cause.

After her husband died requested many times run for the Senate.   also, it was even suggested that she run for vice president because you’d experience she had during the war 3 effects of the war.  She had traveled to so many different parts of the world.  Harry Truman offers her a position in the United Nations as one of the delicates, the first woman.  She wanted to build a movement for peace and also human rights.  They put her on a committee,  supposing that that would kind of take her out of where all action was,  but actually that’s where she excelled and that committee became the most important committee.   And Was coming up with documentation human rights.    Shortly after that, they elected her as chairperson of that committee.  She was a key driver in the Draft of the Declaration of Human rights.


China, Lebanon, France, India committee persons all had differences of opinion as they worked through the differences.  Instead of all men being equal, she put in all human beings are created Equal.  Which included women and children.  Adopted Dec 25th 1948.  Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

1958 Swedish diplomat Agda Rössel

Agda was the first woman to head a permanent delegation to the United Nations.

She was a Swedish Politician and Ambassador.  She was the first woman to be appointed in the United Nations in the Year of 1958, She was a permanent Ambassador to Various Countries like Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and Greece.  She was born in a small Mining Village in Sweden, her father was a Railway Worker.  She had five brothers and sisters.  She was a good student and wanted to become a doctor but had to change direction to come home and help her parents in their illness.

1971 Helga Pederson.

She was a Danish Politician Chief Justice.  And she became the first female Judge on The European Court of human rights.

1973 Tennis star Billie Jean King

Billie King wins the “battle-of-the-sexes” tennis match against Bobby Riggs. The event is highly publicized and serves as inspiration for demands for equal rights and opportunities for female athletes. 90 Million people watched this event at home on their television, in this sports match.  She was the reigning Wimbledon Champion, and she was fightings for women’s equal pay.  Bobby Riggs ( He was 55 Years Old) challenges her to the world-renown Battle of the sexes.  She was a 29-year-old crusader for woman’s fairness and rights.  On her entrance, she was carried and pulled in by a chariot of men – the men’s University track team.

Bobby in the same type of show was led in by a harem of young attractive women.  Totally emphasizing the prejudice of both genders at that time in history.  It was monumental for women.

1974 Isabel Martínez de Perón

She was elected as the first woman becomes President of Argentina in 1974 – 1976.  Her Husband Juan, ( she was 35 years younger than Juan) she helped him as First Lady, and also Vice President.  When her husband died (he died of a heart attack) she became the very first woman to hold the title of President. In 1976 there was a military takeover and she was placed in House arrest for 5 years.  Then later she was exiled to Spain.


1975 – Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Roberts Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, she becomes Europe’s first female elected head of state.   She was born in Grantham England.  She had high values and her family were groceries in the town.  She went to school in Oxford and she graduated with a degree in Chemistry.  As she was working as a chemist she studied for her law degree and then through her self drive passed the bar.  Through her strong values, she rose politically in England parliament.  She was adamant for free capitalism and she opposed any form of communism.

Margaret was so vocal against communisms, that the soviet press labeled her as the “Iron Lady”.  During the Falkland War, she sent the British navy to protect the citizen’s freedom.   She was trying to implement a tax which eventually led to her resignation.

1986 Maria Corazon Aquino

She became the first female President of the Philippines and also the first female president in Asia.  She was elected as their 11th President.  She also described herself as a “Plain Housewife”  She took office after her husband was assassinated.  In her time of office, she put through legislation that would limit the power of the office of the presidency and gave strength to a Democratic parliament Congress.  Her rise to the presidency has been labeled the most “ Peaceful Revolution

1997 Jenny Shipley

She was the first Woman that is elected Prime Minister of New Zealand.  She was a schoolteacher and rose up through politics in new Zealand.  She was Nicknamed

The Perfumed Steamroller”  she met with President “Bill Clinton”


2004 Wangari Maathai,

African Woman she was a Kenyan environmental activist, is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She is the very first black African woman to win a Nobel Prize.  She was the first woman in central Africa to receive a PhD – doctorate.  She was known as a Visionary – and connected the people’s lives with their environments.  She helped found the “Green Belt Movement”  She blazed a trail for democracy and human rights. 

2006 Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Ellen becomes President of Liberia, the first female elected head of state in Africa.  She was elected and spent an immense amount of time out visiting her people.  She was the first democratically elected position.  She took lead when the country had been torn by war – no electricity, no water, many schools shut.  She helps lead to more prosperity.

2014 Malala Yousafzai

Malala became the youngest person ever to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.  She was shot in the face at 16 years old,  She was fighting the Taliban because they were stopping them from going to school.  She was on a mission for children’s rights to attend school.  She was in an extended comma.  She had a long recovery, relearning to walk.

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