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World of Dance Postcards

World of Dance Postcards

Dance Postcards

  From the Caperas – Brazilian Dance Fighting ( Martial Arts, Acrobatic,& Music) to the Shiva “Hindu God Of Dance”

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Darlene’s Vintage Postcards  of Dancing

Darlene’s Old Postcards of Dancing

  1.  Who is the God of Dance?  The Hindu God – Shiva – Nataraja is named the “Lord of Dance” in the Indian Culture

World of Dance Postcards
Shiva – Lord of Dance

1.   What is  Dance Fighting? – Capoeira This is a form of Martial Arts, that combines defense, elaborate dance, and Music into an art form and a form of defense.  it was developed in the last of the 16th century from African Slaves in Brazil.  One of the main stances is the Ginga, which is described as the rocking stance, swaying back and forth,  the form also consists of Kicks using the artist feet as weapons.  Enslaved people that had escaped from captivity used it to avoid capture or recapture.

World of Dance Postcards

See Videos of Capoeira Here

2. What is Morris Dancing?  It is a form of English fold Dancing, earliest mention of it is around 1448.  Groups of dancers in cheorotyped dance steps, dance as a group.  many times they also use handkerchiefs, scarfs, swords, and sticks as part of their steps.  Currently, there are about 150 Mory teams of Dancers in the US right now.

World of Dance Postcards
Morris Dancers with Handkerchiefs


3.  What  is Sufi Whirling?   Turkish Dancing is a religious form of dancing, it might be described as dance meditation.  the thought is that you abandon ones ego, by listening to music, focusing on God, and twirling ones body in slowly moving circles.  It seems to be representitive of our planets circling the sun.

World of Dance Postcards
Sufi Whirling in Instanbul

4.  What is Hopak Dancing?  National Dance of the Ukraine.  Meaning of words, are to Hop or Jump.  Originally done by the Men, specifically the Cossacks.  Later to include the ladies.  Dancers would dance squatting kicking in unison of their lower feet.

5.  What is Schuhplattler Dancing?  Is a traditional form of Folk Dance from Southern Germany.  The performers stomp, clap and strike the soles of their shoes,  slap their thighs and hips, to the music.  It has become increasingly popular with youngsters, who love its colorful costumes and its bouncing, leaping, kicking and choreographed horseplay.

Darlene’s Vintage Postcards  of Dance

Darlene’s Old Postcards of Dance

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