Vintage Aruba Postcards Mt Hooiberg Divi Tree Aruba


Mt Hooiberg Divi Tree Aruba

  • Hooiberg – which translates to Haystack – is a volcanic formation which 165 meters above sea level, and is located at the approximate center of Aruba. Although Hooiberg seems like the highest point of the island it is in fact the second highest. Jamanota, a hill located in the Arikok National Park stands at 189 meters above sea level, and is the true highest point of Aruba.
  • Hooiberg is covered with cacti, divi-divi trees and some Kibrahacha trees that will flourish and decorate the mountain with beautiful yellow flowers after a heavy rainfall
  • The famous Divi Divi tree is Aruba’s natural compass, always pointing in a southwesterly direction due to the trade winds that blow across the island from the north-east. Aruba’s trademark: the Divi Divi or watapana tree

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Vintage Aruba Postcards Mt Hooiberg Divi Tree Aruba

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