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Post Card – Hotel Galveston Galveston,  Texas     # 142

  Know the general postcard eras. While it’s incredibly hard to date many postcards because anyone can print
them anywhere and that’s precisely how it’s always been, there are some
factors that can help you determine the era of postcards:

  • 1898-1919 is known as the “Golden Age of Postcards”, when picture postcards were most popular
    • 1901-1906 ? undivided backs on picture postcards
    • 1907-1915 ? divided backs on picture postcards (in the U.S.A.; most
      other countries had divided backs a few years earlier, e.g. Canada from
    • 1915-1930 ? white border postcards were common
  • 1930-1950 ?Linen collectible postcards
  • Post 1940 postcards were produced as modern Chromes,
    namely color photographs instead of the photo-chromes generated from
    black and white photos in earlier postcards ? early chromes date from
    the 1940s to the 1960s.
  • Given that postcards are usually sent within a few years of
    production, the postmark can be an indicator. Then again, everyone has
    seen very dusty old postcards that haven’t sold for years in some
    stores, and there is nothing to stop anyone from posting a very old
    postcard 50 to 100 years later if they feel like it, so the postmark
    isn’t always a good indicator!
  • If the postcard presents a city, street or otherscene that can be matched to photos of a certain time, that can help to date the postcard.

  • Chrome  1939 to Present

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